Lillian Benrubi, MSW, RSW

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  • Clinical Social Worker
  • 200 Davis Drive, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 4W1
  • Phone: (905)868-7149
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  • Session Fees: 140.00, sliding scale negotiable
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

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 Based in Newmarket, ON, Canada; Lillian Benrubi has been counseling for over 25 years.  She has a compassionate, balanced approach to therapy that applies intuition, education, and experience to her work with clients.  Lillian believes in the resourcefulness and resilience of every person, and considers it a privilege to help people find the power within themselves to make often difficult but positive changes. She sees opportunity in meeting struggles head on, so clients can learn from them, and enjoy the benefits of wisdom and self mastery on the other side.  For Lillian and her clients, difficulties in life are not a sign of weakness or a curse, but a call to grow into wholeness and personal power and strength.  Once they have experienced this through the counseling setting, Lillian hopes her clients will have gained the courage to explore life to its fullest in every aspect of their lives, moving forward.
Lillian became aware of this calling at age 13 years, as she became aware of her skilled listening, interest in humanity, non-judgemental nature, attraction to thinking outside of the box and inside "anything is possible".  She has been consulted by friends and family while growing up, and her passion for people, possibility, personal development, connection, healing, and well being, solidified her decision to become a professional in the field.  Lillian does not take 'impossible' very seriously.  Her father often told her as a child that the word "impossible" was not in the French dictionary, and although a wiser adult now, she lives her personal and professional life as though this were true. 
Lillian has worked in various roles, as Supervisor, Teacher, Consultant to Mental Health Organizations, Therapist in Private Practice, etc.  Twenty Five years of various roles, responsibilities and populations she has worked with has shaped her to be a wise, knowing, non-judgemental, skilled, educated and trained Social Worker and Therapist.   She walks the talk as she takes on her own personal training and transformation work through coaching.   Doctors and Healers have endorsed her skills, and refer to her regularly, with positive feedback from their clients.
Lillian warmly greets you into her office, invitingly opens the secure space for you to share your troubles and challenges for growth.  She will offer you various perspectives, approaches, exercises, tools and homework that you can take home and practice in your life, and use for a lifetime as future challenges present themselves.  She will provide you with coaching if you so wish to add this feature to your counseling, always wanting to maximimize on any of the approaches that align with you as the client.

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