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 I knew that this would be both my professional and life's work by the time I was thirteen years old. I wanted to immerse myself, professionally and personally, in the growth and development of individuals, couples, communities -people. Suffering is not a unique life experience, nor is it reserved to only a few, we all experience it at some level at different times of life. These experiences, accompanied by an iron force to have answers, as well as some great mentors along the way, have led me to much of my own inner guidance and wisdom, which I believeis the only place we find the answers that are true and real for ourselves. Absolutely nothing wrong with stepping out and inquiring, questioning, mulling over, but ultimately, integrating what is real and true for yourself will always guide you in the right direction. I see my purpose as atherapist to help you find your own wisdom, your answers, your direction. I do what I do, as a personal and professional expression to end suffering at an individual and globlal level. As my clients and fellow beings develop and integrate themselves, I too develop and integrate myself, our lives intersecting and always a contribution.

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