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I am a wife of 24 years and have two children who have struggled with special needs and now are both in college. I have a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Southern Connecticut State University where I also served on the student leadership committee. I am certified in Gestalt Therapy, which focuses on the mind body connection. In addition, I am trained in Family Constellations Therapy. I have a wealth of experience in life's ups and downs. I have experience in:
- anxiety
- depression
- grief
- Autism
- marital issues
- couples issues 
- human sexuality 
- family issues
- children
- parenting 
- life transitions
- aging parents
- anger management  
- and more
I create a caring, safe emphatic environment. Together we look into the past to see how it is effecting your present day which enables us to gain insights into the current patterns in your life. I create the space for change by assisting you in standing in your strength and power, to move forward in a new a direction.
 I work with Individual , children, couples and families. Here are a few of the modalities I utilize in your transformation.

Systemic  therapy -Systemic  therapy seeks to address people not only on the individual level but also as part of the larger systems of relationships they are in with others. In dealing with the interactions in the larger systems and their patterns of dynamics one can see how one effects the other.  Then by changing one aspect or behavior of the individual  everyone in the system changes.  This theory looks at how each individual contributes to  the patterns at the present moment. This  is utilized in Individual, siblings, friends, parent child,  couples relationships, in-laws and more.  Regardless of the origin of the issue, and it does not matter if the clients consider it an individual or larger issue, sometimes involving the larger system in solutions benefits clients.
 Gestalt Therapy - is a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Fritz Perls (1893–1970). It focuses on insight into the patients relations to the world, to aid in the resolution of past conflicts. This is utilizes the mind body connection. This technique focuses on gaining an awareness of emotions and behaviors of the client in the present moment that actually pertain to the past. Then we can process these emotions and release them, therfore moving forward into a new brighter light.
Family Constellations - Family Constellations was formulated by Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in Germany. Constellations can be done on one or in a group setting. Family Constellations is a way to see into the hidden dynamics of families and how they affect our present day lives. Together we learn how old family patterns and entanglements carried across generations keeps us from reaching our true potential.
- I run a Family Constellation Group once a month, the first Tuesday of every month, 6:30-9:30 p.m.  The first time you attend is FREE! Thereafter it is $40 a person and $60 a couple come check it out you will be glad that you did.  
-I am also in the process of setting up some support groups for women.  Please contact me if you need support and we can see if one of these groups are a good fit for you.
- Call for more info (203)260-6059, or email or go to my website:
I am currently accepting new clients.  I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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