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  • Licensed Psychologist
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Be your best self!

Meet with me to discuss options for working toward the life you wish for.
What is therapy like with Dr. Cloyd?
People describe my therapeutic style as caring, accepting, supportive, collaborative and empowering.  I truly believe that only in a safe, supportive environment will you be able to work towards your best self.  My first goal will be to understand you and your experiences and determine if I am the right therapist to help you.  Finding a good match between therapist and client is a critical foundation for successful therapy.  If you don’t feel comfortable with me for any reason, I will work to help you find someone with whom you would feel comfortable.

Once we have determined that we are a good match our goal well be to develop an understanding of what your issues are.  We will then work to lay out some goals and create a roadmap for how you will achieve those goals.  Every session will include a focus upon your goals so you can make steady progress toward them.  If you feel at any point that we have moved away from your goals we will explore that issue and refocus.  Or, maybe you’ve developed a new understanding of yourself and would like to instead set different goals.  You are in the driver’s seat!  I have the skills to help navigate your path, but ultimately all decisions are left to you.  After all – it’s your life and your therapy!
I have worked with people with the following issues:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Relationship Issues
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Grief and Loss
  • Divorce
  • Sexual Assault
  • Women’s Issues

I work with adolescents, adults, and the geriatric population.  
I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. I then went on to earn my Master of Science and my Ph.D. at the University of Miami.  I have worked in a variety of settings including hospital inpatient wards, outpatient therapy programs, assisted living facilities, and even incarceration settings.

Dr. Cloyd is a Ph.D. psychologist licensed in the state of North Carolina.  She has been providing therapeutic services to various populations for over 20 years.  She believes that everyone can benefit from therapeutic help at some point in their life, whether to address a mental health issue or simply to enhance personal growth.  When not working to help others, Dr. Cloyd enjoys spending time with her family, hiking in our beautiful state, travelling across the country, and reading.

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