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  • Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor
  • 12813 Flushing Meadows Drive, Suite 140, Des Peres, Missouri, 63131
  • Phone: 636-346-1132
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  • Session Fees: Fee Schedule: $60.00/60 minute session; $90.00/90 minute session. A sliding scale is available on a limited basis.

“You are allowed to have a sparkling good life and still feel sad.”

~ Jamie Greenwood


     Our lives are full of paradox and at times it can be difficult to find meaning in the midst of harried days. It is also possible to feel empty inside and not know why, or feel angry and not be able to place a finger on the source.
By choosing to examine our lives we begin the process of healing and open our hearts to the possibility of a life fully lived.  As we learn to integrate joy and pain we begin to accept the great responsibility that comes with being the artist of our own lives. Along the way we learn to listen to our “inner voice” and come to understand the importance of discerning our authentic inner voice from the inauthentic. We gently let go of previously held beliefs and behaviors that served us well in the past but now hinder us from experiencing further emotional or spiritual growth. We are transformed.


"We are suffering from a crisis of wonder"

~ Rob Bell

      In contemporary society, many of us feel cut off from a felt sense of community and frequently lack meaningful rituals that in the past have served to connect people with something beyond themselves. As a result, many of us are left with a hunger that we seek to satisfy in a myriad of different ways. Some by overeating, others by over indulging in alcohol, compulsive shopping or some other form of instant gratification that is always short-lived.  Some might identify this as a hunger for consciousness, spirituality, meaning or the Divine. No matter what we call it, it is always something that we hope will connect us to something beyond ourselves.  Swiss Psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung believed that we are living in a time and culture that has…“stripped all things of their mystery” and said that “when we have no sense of connection to anything beyond ourselves we fix our interests on futilities.” Indulging in the distractions of contemporary life can certainly be enjoyable and even necessary as it keeps us connected to the culture in which we live.  However, it is when we seek long lasting sustenance from these “futilities” that we risk becoming spiritually malnourished and can suffer from a lack of meaning in our lives.


"Before we can be comfortable in our heaven, we must learn to be comfortable in our hell."

~ Mary Ryan


     Slowing down long enough to sit with the pain of anxiety, depression and grief is often uncomfortable and painful. It is necessary that we understand that learning to do so takes time. As we begin the hard work it is necessary that we grant ourselves the same understanding and compassion that we would freely grant others.  It takes courage and determination, but when willing to do the hard work, ultimately we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Frequently it can be beneficial to work with a therapist in a non-judgmental, compassionate environment. I would be honored to provide you with professional, confidential and empathetic guidance on your journey towards healing.


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