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Leading Psychotherapist, Dr. Lisa C. Palmer is a Nationally and Internationally known celebrity mental health and wellness guru and Director of The Renew Center of Florida in Boca Raton and New York. Dr. Palmer appears regularly on Network Television and Radio shows such as on FOX, RT America, CNN, CBSN, The Blaze, Cheddar TV, OANN, SKY TV, Newsmax, and has also appeared on syndicated shows such as Dr. Drew and Crime Watch Daily. She previously hosted her own local radio show, and discusses a wide variety of topics related to health and wellness, current events, criminal and political psychology, relationships, millennial topics, and lifestyle.

Licensed in both Florida and New York, Dr. Palmer combines psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and functional medicine to create customized intensive treatment programs for many individuals and families of high profile and nationally ranked athletes, models, entrepreneurs, actors, and noted musical artists suffering from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction, PTSD, and other concerns.
Dr. Palmer is licensed in marriage and family therapy; certified in hypnotherapy; trained in mediation; a certified therapist in rapid reduction technique for trauma and PTSD; a Supervisor of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Florida State Approved Supervisor. She has served as an adjunct professor at Nova Southeastern University, and serves on the Advisory Board at South University. She is Past President of The Palm Beach Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Dr. Palmer’s advanced dissertation research study focused on understanding the rationales for the drives to self-starvation amongst anorexic immigrant women to the U.S. Her articles have appeared in national professional journals and magazines.
Dr. Palmer’s extensive and varied experience in the arts, media, and politics throughout her lifetime has made her an informed and attractive therapist and coach to high profile clients in show biz and in the public eye. Prior to counseling, Dr. Palmer was also a former television news reporter, White House Intern for the Radio Division of the Press Secretary’s Office, and former Miss Vermont USA who competed at the controversial pageant owned by Donald Trump.

Dr. Palmer’s mantra is “Balance is Possible”. She believes that the key to happiness is leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She enjoys everything life has to offer and puts her heart and soul into her life’s work.
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