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I'm a marriage and family therapist, and helping couples and families is my focus. I'm originally from Canada, and when I was 9 years old moved with my missionary parents to Sri Lanka.   My father often counseled people in his office and I was terribly curious about what went on in the counseling room behind those closed doors.  My mother spent time interviewing families who came to the food and clothing banks.  As I continued into adulthood I knew that helping others was my mission.  Eventually that led to my education and life work of family therapist.   When I am with people in my studio/office, I pay close attention to both the problem details and to how you talk about it.   Sometimes this means learning specific communication tips.

You might need a strategy--some kind of a template--to help you and your loved one solve day to day problems.

For some couples, past hurts and misunderstanding need to be cleared away before you can express your love again.

Relationships go through phases.  The valleys and plateaus can feel boring,  or worse, dark and hopeless.  There are steps to bring you back to the sunshine and satisfaction. I'm here to help you.

Call me at 253-226-9163 to talk about your situation.

In my cozy studio, you and your partner will both have opportunity to talk about what is bothering you and what needs to change for you to feel more secure and hopeful.

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