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Recovering from an opioid addiction can be hard work, fortunately, there are evidence-based treatment options at Lowell Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) that have been shown to help people break free from addiction. Our treatment center helps adults age 18 and older achieve recovery by offering medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which combines the use of prescription medications with individual and group counseling.
As the premier treatment provider in Lowell, Massachusetts, there is no place better than Lowell CTC to start your recovery. As part of our medication-assisted treatment program, Lowell CTC offers two types of medication to help people who are struggling with opioid addiction: methadone and Suboxone. Both medications target the same brain receptors as prescription and illicit opioids do and allow people to feel better quickly and resist relapse. Methadone works as a full opioid agonist. This means that it relieves the symptoms of withdrawal and the physical effects of opioid addiction and helps people get back to their daily lives. This medication has decades of research showing its effectiveness. Suboxone is a newer medication that works as a partial opioid agonist. It has less potential for abuse, does not produce intoxication in people who are dependent on opioids, and can provide substantial relief from symptoms and cravings.
The counseling component of the medication-assisted treatment program at Lowell CTC includes individual and group sessions to help people address and cope with the emotional, mental, and social effects of opioid addiction. In individual counseling, you can learn about your unique triggers, come up with healthy ways to manage cravings for opioids, and gain coping skills to last a lifetime. Group therapy offers our patients a space in which to share their successes and struggles with others and provides social proof that recovery is possible. Together with medication, these therapies can help people achieve recovery from opioid addiction, and they make up a valuable component of our medication-assisted treatment program.
When you’re ready to start receiving the best addiction treatment available, reach out to the team at Lowell CTC. Our experienced professionals will walk you through the admissions process, help determine which treatments may work best for you, and provide support when it matters most. Don’t let opioid addiction decide the course of your life. Start your recovery journey today at Lowell CTC, the leading addiction treatment center in Lowell, Massachusetts."

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