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  • Canadian Certified Counsellor, EMDR Certified
  • 58 Riley Lane, Harrington, Prince Edward Island, C1E 2X2
  • Phone: (902)330-7976
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  • Session Fees: Fee structure for Counselling & Psychotherapy services are: - Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy $125.00 / Hour; Marriage/Couples Counselling $150.00/Hour ; Family Therapy $150.00/Hour; EMDR Psychotherapy Rate $150/Hour; 15% HST applicable.
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After 20 years experience as a Child Therapist and experience in Family Counselling I continued my psychological training, obtaining a Master’s Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Vermont College in the United States. This program offered me the opportunity gain an orientation in non-traditional Psychodynamic Therapies such as: Depth Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Integrated Energy Work, Transpersonal Psychology, Holotropic Breathwork, and Spirituality. I opened my private practice in Counselling & Psychotherapy on January 7th, 2006. 

In January 2014 I had a great opportunity to train in EMDR Trauma and Crisis Intervention Therapy with Dr. Laurel Parnell Ph.D., a leading expert on the therapeutic modality, eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing, more widely known as EMDR. In January 2016 I returned to New York to complete the Advance Level 3, the final level training with Dr. Parnell in EMDR Therapy.  Dr. Parnell has trained thousands of clinicians in EMDR as is nationally and internationally renowned for her expertise in the treatment of trauma.  She has authored most of the therapeutic books and manuals on EMDR Therapy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is promoting EMDR Therapy as one of only two therapies recommended for persons suffering with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. EMDR seems to have a direct effect on the way that the brain processes information. Following successful EMDR therapy; a person is no longer traumatized by the images, sounds, and feelings when the distressing event is brought to mind. Many types of therapy have similar goals. However, EMDR appears to be similar to what occurs naturally during dreaming or REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Therefore, EMDR can be thought of as a physiologically based therapy that helps a person view disturbing events in a new and less distressing way, while integrating the memory neural network in a new adaptive way.

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I offer a safe, confidential space for you to talk, sort out issues, deal with a crisis and look for new solutions.

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall."
       - Confucius


Bachelor of Arts (Psych)- Athabasca University
Master of Arts (Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy) - Vermont College, U.S.Canadian Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling Association (CCPA) 
Certified Member of The Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists (ANN) 
EMDR Therapist Level 3 Advanced Certification with Dr. Laurel Parnell New York 

Lynda Moss is registered with the Canadian Counselling Association holds an ND designation with
The Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists and adheres to the Ethical Standards and Principals of the respective professions.

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