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Manchester Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) is an addiction treatment center that provides opioid addiction treatment services for residents of Manchester, New Hampshire. Our premier outpatient addiction treatment center offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) that includes individual counseling and group counseling for adults age 18 and older.
Treatment at Manchester CTC begins with a detailed assessment. We provide individualized care for each client. A treatment plan considers all aspects of a client’s opioid use and health history and identifies how to best support healing from opioid addiction. The duration of treatment, number of recommended counseling sessions, frequency of sessions, and medication time frame and dosage are all determined based on a client’s unique needs. A client going through opioid detox may experience nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, and severe pain. Unassisted opioid detox poses serious health risks and can result in death. It can be very difficult for an individual to successfully stop opioid use without medical intervention, and overwhelming cravings can lead to relapse, even when detox is successfully completed.
Manchester CTC implements medication-assisted treatment with the use of methadone. MAT is a highly effective method of treating opioid addiction. Research into MAT has shown such high success rates that it has become an opioid addiction treatment method recommended by leading organizations like the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Clients at Manchester CTC are given a prescription for methadone and carefully monitored by our physicians. Our goal is to empower clients to take charge of their healing. Client input is encouraged and respected at our treatment center. Clients and physicians work together to monitor the success of the medication, and adjustments are made as necessary to best support client success. Methadone is an effective tool, but addiction impacts all areas of life. Addressing physical dependency alone may not be enough to help a client achieve long-term recovery.
As part of MAT, Manchester CTC offers counseling to help address and heal all areas of a client’s life that have been impacted by addiction. When relationships, home and work life, and emotional and mental health are examined in therapy, deeper levels of healing and wellness can be attained. Our group and individual therapies play an integral role in helping a client examine the many factors that may contribute to the use of opioids. Sessions provide tools and strategies for maintaining long-term recovery. The compassionate and experienced staff at
Manchester CTC supports clients as they work to meet their recovery goals. Our treatment programs are designed to help clients attain long-term recovery. With the support of the team at Manchester CTC, clients are empowered to gain lasting freedom from opioid addiction."

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