Manisha Shendge, D.Min., FT, LMFT

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Dr. Shendge specializes in working with couples, individuals and families in transition using a variety of modalities focusing on helping you improve your life.  She works holistically to help you emotionally, spiritually and relationally.

  • Relationships are a key part of our life and can be a source of great joy and happiness.
  • Emotions are positive and a natural part of life.  It is often what we do with the strong emotions that heals us or cause us pain.
  • How we find meaning and experience the events of our life is what gives us hope.

You want changes in your life and we want to help you constructively and quickly find a better life.  We stress a new direction and healing what is causing you pain so that your future is one of hope and abundance.

Dr. Shendge worked for over 20 years with clients and families dealing with serious and chronic conditions. Dr. Shendge is a Clinical Fellow in the American Academy of Marriage and Family Therapist and a Fellow in Thanatology (the study of death, dying bereavement, grief and loss.)

Dr. Shendge conducts workshops for mental health professionals and other professionals in the healthcare field to enhance their skills and help them deal with stress related to their careers. She also works with clergy in dealing with transitions and ministry concerns.

Dr. Shendge, a graduate of Ursinus College, Princeton Theological Seminary and Drew University, is an adjunct professor at Chestnut Hill College.

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