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The bottom line is that I love helping people transform their lives for the better.

I am very solution focused in the work that I do. My clients come to me focused on their problems. I help them switch their attention to what they can be doing differently and how they can be thinking differently to bring about positive change in their lives. I support them as they make these changes, empowering them to move beyond their problems and challenges to create a better life for themselves.

In the over 30 years I’ve been in private practice,  I’ve helped hundreds of people like you move beyond depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and other mental and emotional distress to live more satisfied and fulfilling lives.

I’ve specialized in working with couples since my graduate training at the University of Oregon in the 1970’s (I earned my Ph.D. in 1978). In the 1990's I went on to become certified in Imago Therapy (the couples' therapy developed by Harville Hendrix, the author of Getting the Love You Want)

How empowering it is when people stop trying to get one another to change. Let’s face it – there’s nothing anyone can do to get another person to change if that person isn't interested in changing!

Old, destructive patterns start changing, though, once each person begins to look at what he or she can do differently to improve the relationship. As new, adaptive habits are created, both people get more of what they want, need and deserve from the relationship. So satisfying! 

For some years I’ve specialized in helping couples move beyond the crisis of infidelity to create a relationship that’s stronger than ever before.

I find hypnotherapy to be a most powerful and effective tool for helping people bring about positive change. Whether it’s becoming and remaining a non-smoker, overcoming fears such as the fear of flying or public speaking anxiety, or gaining insight into the hidden blocks that keep you from achieving your goals, hypnotherapy produces amazing results by connecting you with the power of your unconscious mind. Through hypnotherapy, your conscious mind learns just how brilliant your unconscious really is!

What I love best of all in the work that I do is helping people connect with their own inner wisdom. When you connect with this inner resource, you can discover unsuspected strengths that enable you to accomplish things you never imagined you could do. You can encounter fresh perspective that helps you find new solutions for the painful, challenging situations you face. You may find impeccable guidance that empowers you to make decisions you can trust.  I never cease to be in awe and amazement at the beauty and power of this work!

I live with my husband, Jim, and our dog, Zoe. We enjoy hiking, canoeing, kayaking and skiing, movies, plays and concerts and going out to good restaurants. We especially love traveling.

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