Marcellene Parsons-Chaulk, B.A., B.A. Hons., B.ED., M.ED.

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  • Registered Psychologist
  • 3 Herald Avenue, Downtown Health Centre, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, A2H 6H6
  • Phone: (709) 636-2498
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I am a fully registered psychologist and I have been working in this great profession for the last twenty three years. prior to this I worked as an educator in the school system for five years. I have more than twenty eight years of experience in working with children and adults and I have enjoyed my career immensely. I provide both counselling and assessment in a number of areas and enjoy all aspects of my practice in helping others.

In my work as a psychologist, I strongly believe that all clients, children and adults, need a warm counselling environment where they feel safe to discuss their greatest concerns and needs. I present a caring approach and enjoy establishing a rapport with my clients where they feel that their needs are of the greatest importance to me as a counselor. Being respected in all environments is very important and I attempt to treat each individual with the greatest respect possible. 

In my counselling practice I believe in and use a cognitive behavioral and solution focused approach. Both children and adults need to not only be able to identify their concerns and challenges but it is very important that they are helped to believe that each one has the power and strength within to overcome these challenges. Clients, with my help and encouragement, can develop effective goals to move beyond the challenges they face. Helping them understand and learn strategies in the counselling environment can empower individuals. Discovering their personal strength can lead them on a great journey to helping them achieve goals in many areas of life.

As a psychologist I enjoy working with children and adults who are experiencing difficulty with challenges of self-esteem, anxiety, anger, stress, personal wellness, etc. I also work with couples and families to help them develop more healthy relationships. One of the greatest challenges in relationships seems to be that of effective and respectful communication. I enjoy this work as I help clients understand an employ better communication skills in their interactions with others.

I also provide psychoeducational an psychological assessments to my clients. Assessment is across a wide range and can include those for anxiety, learning disorders, intellectual disorders, career, and a number of other assessments. I am qualified to make diagnosis appropriate to my position as a psychologist in the province.  I enjoy assessment and work hard to provide clients with a comprehensive report which clearly identifies their strengths and needs. 

 I enjoy my work as a psychologist and am available to provide services to children, adults, couples, and families. Helping my clients achieve their goals is the greatest reward possible. I look forward to continuing my practice and helping others.

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