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Are you at a place in your life where you feel unsure of the path you’re on?  I will gently help you to see and transform the unconscious thoughts that are keeping you from realizing the future that you want.  I can help you to identify the patterns of thinking that are keeping you from seeing the big picture in your life, allowing you to identify the areas you want to change.  I view my role as your collaborative partner and guide on your journey to wellness and inner knowing.

Using clinical hypnotherapy, when appropriate, I can help you to bypass your conscious thinking mind, allowing you to access your subconscious.  Working through the subconscious can help you to dispel old ways of thinking that are keeping you from reaching your full potential.  I will help you move through this process with a much greater understanding and an ability to see the larger picture.  The healing that takes place on this level can truly be life changing.  Medications will help you to treat the symptoms but clinical hypnotherapy allows you to treat the actual cause, which leads to real and lasting transformation.  Hypnotherapy is one of the tools I can use when helping you to overcome depression, anxiety, low self esteem and it is also a valuable aide in defusing trauma or habits you want to break.

I am a licensed mental health counselor associate # MC 60617197 with a masters degree in clinical psychology.  My graduate program viewed psychotherapy through a Systems lens, which enables me to support you in all of your personal relationships as you progress through therapy.  I am trained in hypnotherapy, spiritual emergence or emergency coaching and the hearing voices movement.  


Other Areas of Specialization:

Hearing Voices Movement: 
  •        Hearing Voices Facilitator Training, Portland Hearing Voices

The Hearing Voices Movement teaches a holistic form of treatment for schizophrenia that helps voice hearer’s to change the relationship they have with their voices to something more positive and supportive.   I’ve seen my voice hearing clients’ lives change, once they were able to learn how to take a more powerful position with their voices and set boundaries.  I am currently facilitating a free bimonthly "Hearing Voices" support group in Seattle, contact me if you are interested in attending.

Spiritual Emergency Training: 
  •             Grounding & Embodiment in Spiritual Emergency, Integrative Mental Health University
  •             How to Effectively Help Someone in Spiritual Emergency, Integrative Mental Health University

Humans are spiritual beings in a constant state of evolving.  Sometimes evolution gets messy and requires time, safety and patients as the butterfly wrestles it's way out of the cocoon.  People often emerge from the crisis much stronger, wiser and more open, often able to discover their life's true path and follow it.  Spiritual Emergency is a transformational crisis that can cause a person to become over-whelmed by the experiences of non-ordinary states of consciousness.  These states can sometimes be accompanied by confusion, pre-occupation and distancing of loved ones, to the point it may become hard to function in daily life.  These experiences can be triggered by spiritual practices like yoga and meditation, or other factors like near–death experience, fasting, trauma, grief, recreational drugs, the global crisis or even one’s natural gifts of intuition, etc.  

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