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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Life Coaching Services, Consulting and Resources
  • Phone: 716-791-7848
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  • Session Fees: *Accepting all major credit cards & Health Savings Account Cards for Teletherapy & Coaching • Insurance Co. I participate with : Aetna, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare , and many others ( inquire for more info)
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  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

Welcome to a new perspective on your challenges!
My Goal is to Inspire You• Marcy Abramsky, LCSW• Licensed Clinical Social Worker• Life Coach

Middle •HS•College•Moving Forward
Enduring Life’s Continuing Transitions, Challenges.. Through It All~
Support You Can Count On

I Offer HIPAA Compliant ( Secure) Teletherapy Services In New York
State ( Encrypted email, portal, messaging and easy video/ audio

BENEFITS: Accepting Aetna EMPIRE BCBS UHC, HSA cards and
Plus Most Major Credit Cards! 

In choosing to work together, you can enjoy the benefits of decreasing
/extinguishing unwanted symptoms and manage feelings overwhelm and
worry. Start to take control of challenging life situations with a new outlook
and management skills. Make changes for your future, your past doesn’t have to determine the rest of your life if you decide to make changes and choices with purpose!

Clients:   Individual• Family• Groups     • speaking engagements for parents • caregivers & more
11+Pre-Teens• Adolescents• Young Adults• Adults•  Older Adults

Modality: Individual, Family, Group • On - site near WNY
speaking, or in -person groups at schools/organization•availability & location dependent       

*Life Coaching (different than counseling services (inquire
within)Client Focus: •Coping Skills •Stress• Self Esteem• Level Up In
Your Life• Career• Life Fulfillment Goals• School Transitions•
Peer•Family•Parenting• Learning /Health Disability Advocacy • Crisis
(pandemic, violence) staff •supportt• Alzheimer's, Caregivers• Cancer,
Immune •Mental Health Issues (mild)  

flexible, empathic, motivating and direct. I am results oriented but
understand everyone is different. I use an integrative approach to

• Treatment
Approaches: *Cognitive behavioral CBT), Coaching, Family Systems,
Mindfulness-Based (MBCT), Neurolinguistics  Programming ( NLP),
Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic, Solution Focused (SFBT), Strength 

•Plan:  I use the above tools to customize a plan with you that best meets your unique needs.

•As a Client 
You can expect me to invite you to see things from different perspectives.
Visualizing issues and goals with a focus on opportunity and possibilities. Sessions devoted
to your needs, identifying strengths, resources, and gaining

Celebrating even the smallest changes, as you start to see them add up.
The incredible feeling of self-doubt, stress, and frustration melting away.
Through witnessing this, it has proven to me that by increasing self awareness and
setting aside time to work on personal concerns, people CAN CHANGE what is no
longer working in their life. In addition, you too, can grasp the power of perspective, and visualize your success
by building skills and taking “ME” time to become INSPIRED! 

•Contact me today… connect and hopefully we can work through life’s curveballs together !

•Essential Elements : Building a therapeutic alliance • creating a safe space • Supporting your goals
Experience: 18 +Years in the field of Mental Health
Settings: homes• courts• agencies• K-12 & universities• medical• eldercare •private practice

•Geography: Cities and surrounding suburbs of Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Buffalo, NY

•What I do best:
assessment• diagnosis/ guide to clear picture or goals, plan and
assist in fostering change• support visualization of goals, skill
building, locating resources, building skills, empowerment and motivation 

•Locations Served:
East Amherst, NY, Williamsville, NY Clarence, NY, Buffalo, NY, Manhattan, Brooklyn  Westchester, NYS via HIPAA Compliant Online Sessions

Marcy Abramsky Reaches

Clients throughout New York