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UPDATE 11/11/19: Accepting new clients. Respond in 24 hr, M-F. Time to live authentically. Heal money, family, relationships, trauma, depression, anxiety, and grief. We will use shamanism, art, dreams, astrology,  tarot and reiki to achieve your therapeutic goals. I love to bring humor, intuition, collaboration, curiosity, creativity to each session. Live your best life!

I am not afraid of the dark. I found throughout my career most people fear the dark: depression, grief, money, anxiety, relationships, life circumstances, trauma. I understand you are afraid, I am not, let me be your guide.

I provide a sacred safe place to unravel and reweave.  A held sacred container to express and delve into the deepest pieces of you.  To process your experiences, without judgment. To explore you, with curiosity and authenticity. Tending those places that feel the most damaged, broken and unseen with unconditional love.

This is exactly the space you have been seeking. This is the place to tend your soul.
I invite you to start your journey back to you. To trust the process. To delight in the next step of your personal evolution.

I am passionate about healing:
Trauma, Past and current wounds, Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Life issues and changes, Grief, Ancestral trauma, and Empaths!

The techniques I use:

I meet you exactly where you areI treat you with compassion, empathy, and positive regardEach time we meet, I create sacred space for you to unravel, reweave and transformI provide space for you to process your thoughts, emotions, and feelings with compassionate reflection and insights to ignite changeEach session invokes curiosity, wisdom, and healingI use shamanic healing techniques (soul retrieval, journeying, guided imagery)I use Reiki to provide energetic healingI use oracle and tarot cards to provide insight and guidanceI open your Akashic records to connect with your soul’s wisdomShadow work (the aspect of ourselves we are often unaware of or hideWork with your dreamsExplore astrologyCreate artBodywork (exploring where your body holds your hurts and pains and releasing it)MindfulnessParts work (communicating with the various parts of you for greater understanding of yourself which leads to feelings of wholeness)Use sandtray ( a means to communicate with your subconscious with sand and miniatures) Benefits of therapy with me:
A sense of wellbeingA feeling of wholenessBetter communication skillsImproved relationships not only with people but your money tooKnowing and understanding yourselfTools to connect with your spirituality (guides, highest self, ancestors)Tools to understand and work with your fears, depression, and anxietyA sacred safe place to release and refillAwakening to your potential and living your best lifeAs an empath you gain valuable tools that empower youI value:
Masters of Arts in Counseling from Regis UniversityCertificate in Depth Counseling from Regis UniversityStudied with shamansReiki trained from an Ifa PriestessCost:

$125 for 1 hour, $175 for an hour and a half.
I offer a discount for purchasing multiple sessions.

Change starts here. Your road to a better life begins now. I provide you with the skills and tools to use in daily life and in your relationships. I will be your guide through the dark into the light. Today is the today, you invest in yourself.  

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