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 Margie Negri is a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor with an emphasis in family practice. Maintaining a private practice for 9 years,  Mrs. Negri has over 20 years experience working with issues, such as depression, marriage difficulties, anxiety, youth challenges, job loss, financial stress, substance abuse, co-dependency, etc.

Margie is a Christian Pastoral Counselor with training in individual, marriage and family counseling. She is also a Licensed Temperament Therapist. Her main goal is to move clients toward greater emotional and spiritual health by understanding the power and depth of God's love for them and His desire to assist them. Mrs. Negri relies on the Holy Spirit to help her clients find forgiveness for the past, strength and comfort for the present, and hope for the future by trusting the Lord to meet needs and heal emotional wounds. Margie feels that she has been called to help God's children understand who they were created to be and to walk boldly into the destiny that the Father designed for them. She sees a lot of individuals that have had their destiny thwarted, and she is equipped to assist them to follow the path they were created to fulfill. 

By using an integrated approach to counseling that combines temperament theory, scientific knowledge, and biblical truth, Margie creates a non-judgmental and safe place for families, couples, and individuals to share their issues and fears with the goal of attaining healing and hope. Margie helps all of her clients to embrace who they are and accept others.  She enables relationships to flourish by incorporating communication tools that include acceptance of differences and forgiveness.  The emphasis on forgiveness that she fosters allows individuals to move past the present and develop new ways of relating to better enhance the relationship moving forward. 

With a focus on biblical principles and an emphasis on finding a balance between spirit, soul and body, Mrs. Negri is committed to providing guidance, clarity and direction to families, couples, and individuals in need.

Mrs. Negri is a Masters Level Clinical Christian Counselor with a specialization in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through Cornerstone University and the N.C.C.A. Her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology is from Rutgers University. She is a Commissioned Christian Counselor with Covenant Ministries International and a Licensed Temperament Therapist through the N.C.C.A. She is a member of the Association of Christian Counselors and Graduated Cornerstone University with honors. Margie is happily married to her husband Tom for 22 years, and they are blessed with three teenage children.

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