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  • Dr. of Psychology BC Association of Registered Clinical Counsellors #1992
  • 224 West Esplanade, 5th floor, North Vancouver , British Columbia, V7V 1B3
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  • Session Fees: $135.00 per hr per individual $145.00 a couplr or family(covered by many extended benefit providers)
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Thank you for initiating this first step in honoring yourself and taking responsibility for your own well being. Embarking on this journey takes a considerable amount of risk and courage. Help Begins Here

About Me 

Martin holds a Masters and a Doctorate degree in Counselling Psychology with over twenty years of experience. He has facilitated groups for divorced and separated individuals here and in Australia, He also conducts Parenting groups. He works with all kinds of relationships; Couples, Singles, and Families. Although the dynamics of relationships may differ there are common communication errors that can be broken and new skill sets that can be learned.

All relationships are exposed to challenges such as traumas, accidents, sickness, infidelities, job loss, and harmful communication cycles. Martin has extensive Trauma and Life Stress Reduction training which deal with what he calls "Emotional Charge".  Emotional discharge is a necessary component in reducing replase rates.

Why Choose Martin?

Martin strongly believes that individuals have the capacity to heal themselves and enhance all their relationships. This does not have to take months and months. Positive movement should be experienced relatively soon within four to six sessions. Martin uses a systematic case plan approach that is collaborative and tailored to the individual. This is not a cookie-cutter approach. Instead is customized to the individuals needs and produces the greatest potential for change with minimal replase rates. Relapse rates can be as high as 67% after a year or so (Gottman, John, 1999). The difference Martin provides lies in his combining proven therapeutic techniques and reducing emotional charge (distress) associated with people or themes (e.g. feeling not good enough). Change does not have to be continually forced but now happens more naturally with less effort and reduced replases.

Short-Term, Cost Effective , Common Sense Techniques. Real Solutions to Real Challenges.

My commitment is to you. Your commitment is to yourself

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