Mary Ann Aronsohn, MA, LMFT

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    Mary Ann Aronsohn is an experienced, compassionate, easy-to-talk to therapist. She works with a variety of clients and life situations. She works well with families and couples, adults and adolescents, and knows that doing therapy is truly her life's work.

    Ms. Aronsohn holds a certification in Object Relations therapy, which focuses on the client's abilities to attach to others and how that affects relationships with the self and others. Hypnotherapy is another tool that she uses for stress reduction, anxiety work and exploration.

    Mary Ann's specialties over the years include: adults recovering from childhood abuse, eating disorders, and stepfamily issues. She is a divorce coach in a process called Collaborative Divorce, which helps separating or divorcing people to work together in a team model to create lasting agreements in a peaceful way, and move forward with life more gracefully. She has studied Child Custody Mediation, and works with co-parenting couples to cooperate more effectively and respectfully from separate households. That work can be in the form of a course she co-created called CHANNELS Of Understanding, or it can be private co-parenting coaching or therapy.

    Mary Ann is devoted to helping her clients develop their most authentic selves and live their lives according to their deepest values.

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