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  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Prof Coach
  • 18402 103rd Ave NE, Bothell, Washington, 98011
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I'm a therapist and life coach in Woodinville, WA and the greater Seattle area who helps women and couples move from being stuck and hopeless to feeling happy and satisfied with themselfes and their relationships. I am passionate about supporting, encouraging and inspiring my clients as they move from a crossroads into a life which is more in synch with their heart's desire. It's my joy to see my clients going from a llife that appears to be a black and white one dimensional experience into a multi-dimensional full color experience!
As I collaborate with my clients to create their heart's desire in life, I am awestruck by their strengths and personal power. We walk the road together and I am there for them every step of the way. Although my clients take steps out of their comfort zone, they know that I'm taking steps with them so that they are able to realize how to be true to themselves and build resilience. I offer groups which maximizes my clients efforts and helps build momentum.
I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Masters degree in Family Studies from Mercer University who knows and understands the challenges that come our way as we go through the many transitions in life such as relationship change, recent move, job or career change, loss of family member or friend, empty nest, or re-defining themselves. Transitions can seem daunting, but once you get through to the other side, there's a whole new level of engagement and enjoyment in life.
Life is a personal growth workhop and it's great to have some help from me when you're in the middle of it and you can't see the forest for the trees. I love to nurture, support and challenge my clients.
Relationships provide the best life has to offer when you are able to engage, communicate and get your needs met. I assist my clients in learning more about what makes a relationship healthy and how to transform theirs.
I've been in private practice and have been a therapist in a variety of settings such as working on behavioral health units in a hospital, in the emergency room, on a Substance Abuse unit and in Community Mental Health for the past 23 years. I provided therapy for individuals, couples, families and groups.
Eight years ago I began to widen the scope of my practice to include life coaching which brings a powerful action oriented aspect to my work. I'm a Certified Professional Coach through a 2 year training program at the Academy for Coach Training. My training as a CPC and a Living Your Vision Coach allows my clients to receive support and guidance around taking action to transform their lives: whether this is time to jumpstart your dreams, reconsider your options, re-define your relationships or get a tune up and get back on track!
I am a member of the American Assoication of Marriage and Family Therapy, the Washington Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and the International Coach Federation.
I'm committed to my personal and professional growth and have brought my training and experience to my clients. I'm a dedicated life-long learner always interested in pursuing, integrating and sharing what I've learned. I am especially inspired by holistic perspective and have spent years learning about the mind-body-spirit connection, meditation, mindfulness, healthy nutrition, exercise, yoga and energy psychology. 
Besides the comprehensive training in therapeutic modalities, I have also trained in some complementary therapies such as Hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in order to enhance my clients growth toward optimum health, healing and wholehearted living.
As I collaborate with my clients, we assess and evaluate to consider whether complementary tools such as Hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) would be helpful in moving toward optimum health, healing and wholehearted living. It's an honor for me to partner with you in meeting life's challenges and creating your heart's desire! 
Are you ready to move from your stuck painful situation into the life you really want? I'll help you jump start your dreams! I can't wait to meet you and get started!
Call me today at 425-481-413 or email me at 

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