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  • Licensed Doctoral Level Clinical Psychologist
  • 14550 Excelsior Blvd., Suite 202, Minnetonka, Minnesota, 55345
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  • Session Fees: My fees for an initial individual diagnostic session are $225.70. Individual psychotherapy session is $170.00. I accept most insurances both in and out of network. If you choose not to use insurance, I honor this decision.

 Hello! I imagine if you are reading this now you are beginning your search for a therapist.  This is a big and difficult first step, but finding a good fit in a therapist is important.  Reaching out is the beginning of being able to initiate change in  your life.  Change is difficult, but to not reach out can often times just prolong the struggles.  We are not born with all the tools to manage our lives.  We need help to lean new ways of managing life in many areas of our lives to assist in our ongoing growth.  Therapy is just another step in learning new ways to manage and enhance your life.  Reaching out to a professional is an important step in taking care of you!

In my over 20 years in private practice as an Doctoral Level Licensed Clinical Psycholgist, I bring an expertise, experience and training to working with adults.  I chose to specialize in adult psychotherapy because I really enjoying working with adults.  During adulthood we can face many struggles and challenges in different stages of our adult life.  These stages begin with the entry into adulthood, developing, beginning and ending relationships, marriage, child-bearing years, infertility, parenting, infidelity, divorce, grief and loss, career challenges, caregiving to elder adults and aging.  Common symptoms that adults often experience during these challenging times can be depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive symptoms.  Obsessive compulsive symptoms may take the form of out of control eating, drinking, drug use, sex or gambling.  When these symptoms become excessive it complicates these stages of life.  Of course, these symptoms and stages of adulthood are certainly not exclusive to all the areas I treat in my practice.
While working with you in a therapeutic relationship, my approach to treatment is for us to really listen, understand and get to know your own life story.  You may have depression or anxiety, but you are unique and how you arrived at this place is very important.  Knowing the relationships in your past that shape your psychological history is important in being able to know how your conscious and unconscious self has been formed.  Being able to learn about your past, I believe is important in assisting you in being able to open up room for new thoughts, new feelings and new choices that can impact your present and future.  The development of new knowledge, new experiences in a the therapeutic relationship and the support of the therapeutic relationship may assist you in being able to make the changes you want in your life.
My therapeutic style is to provide you a confidential, respectful and empathic relationship where you may be able to initiate changes in your life to help you grow and evolve.  If you have any further questions or would like to set up a time for us to meet, I would welcome your call.

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