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Dr. Mary C. Horn is a licensed psychologist. She has a private practice in Kaneohe, Hawaii and has been practicing counseling and psychology for nearly 20 years.  Aside from her private practice, Dr. Horn also serves as a Clinical Supervisor at Care Hawaii, Inc., where she oversees other clinicians and therapists who serve clients with Developmental Disabilities and students within the Department of Education in Hawaii.
Dr. Horn is originally from Nogales, Arizona. Growing up in a small town on the border to Mexico, she has a passion for cultural diversity and a depth of understanding in multicultural settings. 
Her journey into the world of psychology began with eating disorders in the San Diego area. Upon moving to Hawaii in 1993, she spent over ten years treating and running therapy groups for Victims of Domestic Violence. Simultaneously, she trained in the psychology department at The Queen's Medical Center where she worked with dual diagnoses, and gave her expertise in working with addictions and a good understanding of 12-step programs. 
In the latter part of her graduate training, Dr. Horn worked in rural communities and school settings. She worked with at-risk children and adolescents, the foster care system, and in low-income housing areas.  
She has a passion for therapy and helping people. She has a special interest in the Body-Mind connection, is very spiritual, and believes that writing is another powerful way to reach and help people.
Her favorite quote is: "What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny compared to what lies within us..."

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