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  • 331 West Central Avenue, Suite 245, Winter Haven, Florida, 33881
  • Phone: 863-875-2813
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  • Session Fees: Fees vary with services. Individuals begin at $70.00 per session and usually last an hour or bit longer.
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 Mary Joye, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida

Helping you make connections between your past and present for a better future.

Private Practice Counseling

* Indviduals
*Family Mediation Services 
*Veterans and Active Duty Military and their families 

Solution Focused Counseling and Life Coaching For:

*Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
*Mood disorders
*Personality Disorders
*Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
*Career Counseling 
*All relationship issues
Hello, I'm Mary Joye, a solution-focused therapist. I think people come into therapy looking for the best answers for their issue or for assessment of what they need to move forward in life. We will work together to find what is operating in your life from your past or present and what you can do to have a more authentic life.
I listen to you with attention and intention of shifting negative processing to a positive outcome. As I listen to you, I assist you in listening to yourself. Many times a person needs help in knowing what they want by expressing it to a therapist. You may be subconsciously reenacting things from your childhood and carrying them into adult relationships, career choices and so many more areas of your life.

Philosophy and Influences

Carl Jung said we all have shadow selves that come from our subconscious. It can play out in our daily lives, reactions, choices and events more than we know. We bring those issues that you may have into a more enlightened way. Once the subconscious connects with your consciousness, great changes are inevitable and possible. It is my honor to help you find your innermost dreams, desires and places that pain or trauma may have touched and help you heal.  You will not just learn "why" you feel a certain way but you will learn how to apply them to your life and have positive outcomes.   
A holistic approach often achieves the highest results in an efficient but potent way. Neuroscience, psychology and spirituality meet within us. We need to keep all three of these elements that make up who and what you are in good and cooperative working order. Your beliefs will always be respected.
Life coaching is also something that I believe helps when you need a more direct approach or a reinvention after a life altering event or trauma. 

My father was a psychiatrist and I worked with him in creative therapy techniques. Because I branched out in college to and worked in Nashville as a writer in the corporate recording industry, I have art and design backgrounds that work well in finding solutions uniquely geared to your needs through art and music therapy, guided imagery and writing exercises.

Treatment Options and Online Counseling

*Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
*Life Coaching
*Grief and Life Event Counseling
*Art and Music Therapy'
*Guided Imagery
*Writing Therapy 
*Online Counseling through HIPPA compliant sites. No extra fee required.
My goal is to make you feel safe and motivated to move forward at your own pace for the best life possible. I listen to you and help you find your personal best options and solutions.
Education and affiliations:
Master of Arts in Counseling, Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN

University of Florida, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Gainesville, FL Post Graduate Studies under supervision of Neuropsychologist

Member of International Association of Trauma Professionals
Monthly Contributor of Mental Health Moment for Central Florida Health News 
Florida Supreme Court Family Law Mediator
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