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6 session for $250.00. 12 for $450.

Limited time offer $55.00 per session with limited spots available. Saturdays appointments available. Am I the right therapist for you? Helping client's is the primary goal of every therapist. What can you do for me that the others can't? That is a valid question. Many healthcare providers provide symptom management rather than treating the main problem. I use Solution Focus Therapy to focus on client's present and future and to find solutions for their problems. Call today About me: The therapy is not about me; its about you. However, in addition to my years of education, I bring a life-time of personal life experience to the sessions. Call for your initial session today. For your convenience, I offer multiple session packages. 6 session for $250.00. 12 sessions for $450.00.
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If you are you looking for Marriage Counseling, a Relationship Counselor or Couples Therapy I want to help support your journey. I am committed to helping individuals and couples unearth the beauty, grace, passion, and power that reside beneath the wounds of rejection, betrayal, abandonment, and victimization.

Individual counseling, couples therapy, phone and online counseling, and cognitive behavioral therapy can help you:

•    Focus on building positive, loving interactions in your relationship
•    Identify your patterns of emotional reactivity from a psychological as well as a physiological perspective
•    Discover the ways you sabotage your relationship 
•    Learn to identify your “story” and how it keeps you stuck in destructive patterns 
•    Learn coping mechanisms to deal with power struggles and how to re-frame your interpretations 
•    Learn to dispel the misconceptions of love 
•    Learn to take responsibility and stop playing the blame game

I am looking forward to helping you restore passion and hope to your relationships. Beginning therapy is a significant and exciting step toward healing and personal growth.

Divorce Counseling

There is no need to go through one of the most painful times of your life alone.  Psychotherapy and phone counseling can help and support you. Divorce, or the loss of a significant relationship, is the second (after death) most stressful event of your lifetime. You may be suffering from feelings of anger, sadness, hopelessness, fear, and loneliness. If you have children these fears also include the fear and uncertainty of what is best for your children. Of course there are also the logistical, legal every day issues of custody and co-parenting. Many people suffer a dramatic shift in their lifestyle, living situation, and economic reality.

Divorce counseling and phone counseling will provide:
•    a place to process your feelings, providing divorce advice and support to get through the process of your divorce.
•    divorce advice for the stages of loss including denial, grief, anger, and depression. 
•    empowerment to focus on the importance of an amiable co-parenting agreement stressing collaboration in your divorce agreement. 
•    a focus on your own self care; emotional, physical, and spiritual health. 
•    an understanding of your needs and boundaries. 
•    development of communication skills 
•    a way to let go of the past and envision your future 
•    healing wounds, building confidence, and regaining self-esteem. 
•    confrontation of the anger that can keep you stuck, thus helping you move toward acceptance of your new life.

As the grief subsides you will be able to focus on your future and see a new beginning for yourself. Phone counseling can help you discover the opportunities in your future. 

I can support you through this difficult time. Seeking therapy is a courageous step and shows that you are committed to caring for yourself and your family.


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