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Mechanicsburg Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) provides opioid addiction treatment through a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program. MAT includes the use of prescription medication and therapy. Our treatment center offers methadone, Suboxone, individual counseling, and group counseling for adults age 18 and older in the Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, area.
Mechanicsburg CTC is designed to be a warm and welcoming environment. Receiving treatment for opioid addiction can be daunting, so we strive to encourage clients every step of the treatment process. Our staff of physicians, nurses, counselors, and other behavioral health professionals is dedicated to supporting each individual who walks through the doors of our premier outpatient addiction treatment facility. Our goal is to empower clients to take charge of their lives. With knowledgeable staff and understanding peers, clients can gain the motivation and skills to achieve lifelong freedom from opioid addiction. Research shows that medication-assisted treatment can make a significant difference in addiction treatment outcomes.
Our MAT program provides effective support on the physical and psychological levels, making it a leading approach to countering opioid addiction. The medications used in MAT are available through prescription only. The specific medication a client is prescribed will depend on several factors, including substance use history and medical history. The team at Mechanicsburg CTC treats each client with respect and consideration. If a MAT medication is failing to provide the expected relief, our physicians will consider client input and work to adjust dosage or medication as needed. MAT can provide relief from the severe withdrawal symptoms that accompany opioid detox and the intense cravings that come during and after the detox period. When clients receive support in these key areas, they can gain the freedom to focus on counseling. Therapy offers tools to facilitate healing and the creation of a strong foundation for lasting recovery.
The therapies at Mechanicsburg CTC work together to support mental and emotional health. Clients learn how to identify social and environmental factors that may contribute to opioid use, and they learn strategies for effectively handling cravings and triggers. Individual attention and community support are provided through one-on-one counseling sessions and group therapy, creating two different environments in which clients learn, heal, and grow. Opioid addiction has devastating effects on health and well-being. Mechanicsburg CTC understands that providing comprehensive care through medication-assisted treatment is the best strategy for empowering clients to recover from opioid addiction and change their lives for the better.

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