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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Certified Autism Clinical Specialist
  • 7220 N.16th Street, Phoenix, Arizona, 85020
  • Phone: 6026916560
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  • Session Fees: $160 individual session; $190 intake/assessment; $190 couples.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

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I specialize in providing “hands-on” support that gets to the root cause of issues.  I recognize that many individuals seeking treatment may have struggled for a while and want immediate relief as well as solutions that change the status quo.  While everyone is different and there are no "quick fixes" for long term change, I've found that a body-centered approach helps activate a person's innate healing properties far more effectively and in less time than traditional talk therapy alone.  I'm essentially a trauma trained/attachment focused therapist which means that I help individuals explore the core underlying issues behind symptoms informed by a somatic (i.e. body) approach to treatment.  Part of this approach centers on early childhood dynamics that impact our social and emotional development.  

Yes, we will talk about your issues, but only to the extent that that is helpful.  My training in body-centered treatment and the analytical skills that I practiced as an attorney help me zero in on the "big picture" issues so you don't keep reenacting the same negative patterns in your life.  

I may not have walked in your shoes, but I will listen knowing we don’t always know the right words to express our emotional pain.  If I had to condense my specialties into one, I would say that I specialize in healing emotional pain from a relational perspective. I believe that that is an undercurrent to most of what ails us.  I focus on connection to self, purpose and others and emotional regulation so that we build an inner sense of calm and stability to operate with confidence in the world.

Here’s what I can say about my practice getting right to the point:

My Specialties:

Attachment – do you find yourself playing out the same relationship dynamics in your adult life?  Perhaps you find yourself always doing "the work," being unappreciated or feeling distant or craving companionship. Our attachment patterns are often impacted by our early social and emotional development.  Identifying and resolving our "attachment wounds" and the ways we express them can provide much needed release and relief to move forward in a life that feels fulfilling and purposeful.

      o   Trauma, burnout & fatigue – do you feel empty, unmotivated or riddled with indecision?  Do past events                haunt you and impact your ability to trust others or move forwards?

o   Codependency -do you shift in and out of victim/rescuer roles?  Do you find yourself people-pleasing, yet frustrated that your own needs are not met?

      o   Identity exploration -has your role in life changed? Do you feel conflicted about cultural issues?

Mood Instability- do you struggle with "highs" and "lows" of energy that affect your social and occupational functioning?  

o   Racial trauma- are you struggling with cultural identity issues, mixed-race relationships or healing from events or interactions with racially charged impact? 

      o  Group Therapy – Admittedly, many people are squeamish about starting group therapy, but experience                 shows that they often mistake its purpose, value and format.  The primary benefit of group therapy is that under         the skilled training of a licensed practitioner, a participant is able to activate the parts of us that heal                          relationally.  Sometimes the very reasons for wanting to evade group therapy are the precise reasons it is                     needed.  Group therapy is not show and tell and it is much more than a support group.  I run very specific                 trauma related groups that are focused on education and practice of the relationship skills that are often in need         of repair or implementation  as a result of emotional neglect, abuse or other attachment injuries occurring as a          result of family dynamics or sexual abuse.  Two popular and current groups are relatively small in size and are          focused on trauma repair for BIPOC individuals.  The other is a group that facilitates healing with respect to              codependency and other relational dynamics.  Click here for additional information related to group therapy.

Benefits of therapy:

o   Being able to pinpoint the reasons for recurring behaviors that are getting in your way.

o   Finding it easier to connect to those you care about.

o   Greater ease saying “no” to situations or people you don’t want in your life.

o   Feeling more confident in your abilities and acceptance with who you are.

Therapeutic Interventions/Training:

o   Counseling: Short-term practical solutions and skills-building.

Attachment Theory: Explores the dymamics of our relationships with focal point on early attachment between infants/young children with early caregivers and its impact on social and emotional development.

      o Trauma: Trained in  EMDR, Accelerated Resolution Therapy and Brainspotting, all of which delve deep to               help your brain process emotional wounds on a subcortical level outside of your consciousness.  Both are                 convenient for those who cannot remember or have difficulty discussing trauma.

o   Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Traditional “talk-therapy” that helps with understanding the relationship between our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

o   Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy: An innovated and flexible approach that helps people manage bipolar illness and reduce the recurrence of manic or depressive episodes.

o   Mindfulness: Assists with emotion regulation and living in the “now.”

Benefits of therapy:

o  $160 per 53 minute individual session. 

o   Invoices provided for submission to insurance company

      o  In network with BCBS insurance.
      o  Flexibility in scheduling to accommodate availability and financial ability e.g. 25 min sessions, group therapy, evening and early morning sessions.


o   Phoenix, AZ. Telehealth available for anyone located in Arizona.  

o   602-691-6560


o   Master’s Degree from Arizona State University

o   B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Miami

o   Juris Doctor, J.D. from Harvard Law School

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