Melanie Morlan, MA, NCC, LMFTA, LMHC

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I can help you take a deep breath and believe that change and hope are possible.  I can help you see possibilities when you are lost or confused.  I will be steadfast in supporting you to find answers to your hardest questions.  Together we will uncover all the details of the cycle of distress you are experiencing and work to create a clear pathway to a new and better way of experiencing and living life.  This will happen through compassionately presented, research based, proven methods for enhancing physical and emotional health.  I can help you, your key relationships and your family. 
I am authentic and kind; dedicated to best practices, keeping up with current research and training.  I will make it easy for you to discover your path and begin the steps toward making change. 
My specialty area and passion is in relationship work; Couples Therapy, Prevention, Pre-Marital, Finding Someone Special, Coaching and advanced level treatment through Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy 

With a strong heart and sincere presence, I will assist you as you to make the changes and reach the goals you desire through effective counseling strategies, education and community resources to navigate, plan and follow through with healthy life changes.

Specialties: Relationship Distress, Positive Psychology Coaching, Stress and Anxiety Techniques including Imagery, Goal Setting for Lifestyle Change. Registered Circle of Security Parent and Caregiver Educator.

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Spokane WA