Melinda Haynes, Multi-Disciplinary Team

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  • Family & Children's Counseling Services
  • Anaheim, California, 92801
  • Phone: 800-430-4490
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  • Session Fees: We accept a variety of insurance including Medi-Cal, and we have sliding scale fees, $30-155
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
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FCCS is a family services organization that operates from a whole-child perspective and emphasizes the importance of interpersonal psychology, attachment and development. (Learn about our Philosophy here.)
We are honored to assist families in their transition from crisis to stability, from confusion to clarity, and from pain to healing, in a variety of life situations. (Learn about our History here.)
We offer services to help families heal, play and love. This may include:
- child, adolescent and/or family therapy and counseling
- healing from trauma/ PTSD
- foster care / kinship therapy and counseling
- conduct and behavioral coaching
- professional supervised visitation
- school-based services
- ADD /ADHD management
- depression, anxiety and OCD recovery
- grief / loss recovery
- multi-sensory integration
- family disruption or transition
- abuse recovery
- parent or caregiver and child attachment / bonding
- relationship / codependency recovery
- self-care, physical well-being education
Our multi-disciplinary team is honored to help your family recover and thrive. If your family is in need of brief or long-term therapy solutions, please contact us for a consultation.

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