Melissa Landi-Quiter, LPC, MA., NLP

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If you are an individual or half of a couple seeking assistance with relationship challenges, career exploration, depression, anxiety or facing any major transition, I may be the appropriate counselor for you.


With 12+ years combined as a counselor and transition coach, I specialize in working on the challenges that affect your everyday life. 


There is no reason for living in pain, sadness, frustration or fear. Every challenge has a path through. Sometimes you may need a guide to travel the path. That is my purpose.


I work with adult-aged individuals, couples and groups.


My orientation is direct and outcome oriented, regardless if that outcome is to feel happier or transition into a new career or relationship.


As your counselor and coach, you are provided a comprehensive, holistic experience. Rather than simply discussing the challenges that you are facing, together we will incorporate action and purpose in your sessions. This allows the possibility of deeper awareness and realization of identified outcomes.


New clients and referrals are welcome.

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