Melissa Lee-Tammeus, Ph.D., LMHC

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  • Doctor of Human Services, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • 8553 Suite 5B Argyle Business Loop, Jacksonville, Florida, 32244
  • Phone: 904-257-0478
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  • Session Fees: Individual Counseling is $100 per 50 minute session; Couples and family/relationship counseling is $120 per 50 minute session.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

My belief is that all of us, no matter our walk of life, have a unique and powerful story. Within that story is the person that we are, along with all of our possible selves.

Life can come at us from all directions. When we have the tools and the understanding to work with that life in combination with our story, we can reach our greatest self.

I'm a wife, mother, doctor, and college professor and have lived in the Jacksonville, Florida area for over 16 years, originally hailing from Denver, Colorado. I have a Ph.D. in Human Services, a M.S. in Psychology, and a M.S. in Mental Health Counseling. I am a licensed mental health counselor, Florida State # MH13207. I am an American Counseling Association member, a member of the Association for LGBT Issues in Counseling, and am certified as a rape crisis hotline counselor. I have worked in both private practice settings and residential treatment centers.

I have counseled clients since 1996 in numerous capacities. I begin working as a registered psychotherapist at the Colorado Group Therapy Institute and specialized in group work regarding relationships, family, and anxiety issues. I then begin working in treatment facilities working specifically with paranoid schizophrenia, disorganized schizophrenia, catatonic schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, and substance abuse. I now work in private practice and work with a variety of individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, anger, grief, adjustment disorders, trauma, and relationship and family issues.

Specialties include working with LGB couples, supporting those who identify as transgender, men and women with anger and coping issues, and grief and trauma. Treatment preferences are eclectic, focusing on humanistic, psychoanalytical, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

I am passionate about helping and supporting people in finding their best self and believe that the relationship between client and counselor can be a therapeutic tool to reach such a goal.

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