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A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Michael helps individuals, couples and families build higher self-worth and strengthen their relationships.  In a very short time, Michael provides clients with the tools to communicate effectively, manage difficult feelings and take better care of themselves.  Michael is a certified Imago Relationship Therapist and has been profiled on PBS-TV as a couples expert.  He is also a certified Inner Bonding facilitator trained in cognitive/behavioral and inner child work. 

Michael works with partners who want to:

1. Be on the same team
2. Improve their communication and feel listened to and understood
3. Feel like a priority and important to their partner
4. Become more intimate both physically and emotionally
5. Rebuild trust
6. Not feel alone or lonely in their relationship
7. Change their relationship dynamic where one partner may be critical and the other shuts down
8. Bring back the passion in their relationship

Michael works with individuals who want to:
1. Heal feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt, aloneness, resentment and shame
2. Release underlying feelings of sadness, heartache and heartbreak
3. Let go of self-judgment
3. Learn how to take better care of themselves
5. Forgive themselves and others and stop judging themselves
6. Discover what is in their highest good
7. Heal childhood trauma
8. Express their creativity, passion and joy

Michael also has specialized training in working with new parents and preventing and treating perinatal mood disorders including postpartum depression.  For the past six years, Michael has obtained grants to work with women who are at risk for developing postpartum depression.

Michael has assisted both Harville Hendrix who created Imago Relationship Therapy and Dr. Margaret Paul who co-created Inner Bonding.  Michael has held various positions at local universities including Field Instructor at New York University, Lecturer at Columbia University and Visiting Lecturer at Rutgers University.  Michael also presents workshops on various topics including Healing Your Aloneness, Six Steps to Joy, Finding the Gold in Your Relationship and Sustaining Connection with Your Partner While Parenting.

Michael currently provides services to clients throughout New Jersey.  For clients elsewhere, Michael is an e-counselor and provides internet and phone counseling.

Contact Michael to discuss how he can help you learn how to heal your issues, feel more connected to others and be the person you want to be not the person you learned to be. 

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