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  • Licensed Doctorate as a Clinical Psychologist
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Thank you for your interest in learning about my work and Murrell Counseling Service here in Springfield, Missouri.  It is an honor to have worked since 1987 with the people of Southwest Missouri and their families.  My first priority in working with anyone is to assure them that they have many choices in finding a psychologist to work with and if they do not feel initially comfortable after our first meeting and my interviewing them about their issue that I will gladly refer them to another psychologist.  What I promise my clients is that I will work as an equal to collaborate with them on finding solutions to their problems and to achieving their goals in therapy.  I promise them complete confidentiality and that I will give them the benefit of my years of professional and personal experience in life.  Most importantly they can expect from me that I will be honest with them when I make a suggestion to them about a change that I think would help them and I will always endeavor to be kind in whatever I say. 
In addition to providing supportive counseling I also provide directive readings and homework that is specific to the client's problem.  This is often very useful in the client developing more useful knowledge about why they have become distressed about whether that be  anxiety, depression, trauma or relationship issues.  I have very specialized training in a therapeutic technique called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (E.M.D.R.).  This is a powerful therapeutic approach that has been approved by the American Psychological Association as well as the Department of Defense to treat those civilians and Veterans who have been exposed to traumatic experiences.  E.M.D. R. also works well with children and adults who have experienced the trauma of domestic violence, childhood physical, verbal or sexual abuse.  There are a number of anxiety disorders that respond well to E.M.D.R. treatment and our clinic has been using and refining this technique since 1996 so we have very extensive experience in it's appropriate applications in counseling. For more information see our website at www.murrellpsychologicalservice.com
Also our clinic provides extensive psychological testing for our clients as well as clients who are referred to us for specific tests to make a diagnosis for another psychologist, therapist or psychiatrist.  We have a specific program that involves testing in rural areas for those families who lack dependable transportation and need evaluations in order for the courts to reunite families in which the parents have lost their parental rights due to parental neglect or abuse of their children.  Our technique utilizes Telehealth as part of the testing and has been very effective over the past four years.  For more information see our website at www.PropsychofSpringfield.com

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