Michelle Pennells, H.B.A. Psychology; D.T.A.T.I.

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Michelle Pennells, HBA, DTATI (Thesis Pending)

Art Therapist / Counsellor / Psychotherapist

Office(s): Hamilton

Specializing: Individuals, Adolescents, Children, Families, Foster Families/Children, Group Counselling, Trauma, Grief, Victims of Abuse, Self-esteem, Identity, Parenting, Life Transitions, Suicide Ideation, Self-Harm, ADHD, ODD, FAS, Feeling/Emotion Recognition & Management, Bullying, Spiritual Counselling.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has a special set of circumstances, or an ordeal that they either have or are trying to live through. These can take the form of one big barrier or event in our life that changes everything; or they can be small day to day things that just wear you down. I am someone willing to listen to your story. I can come alongside you to help you as you find your voice, face these challenges in your life, and grow in your confidence to overcome them.

As an Art Therapist, I understand that sometimes words are not enough to express exactly what you are going through. I will guide you through therapeutic art making to help you find those words, find your voice, and build a stronger sense of self in the process. Don’t worry if you are not artistic, Art Therapy is for anyone from all walks of life. It is the process of self-discovery that is important, not technical skill. Art Therapy can provide a playful, non-threatening way to tackle tough problems and discover hidden strengths you may never have known you had.

My motto in life is, “You can’t be strong for another person until you learn to be strong for yourself.” I understand too well, the need to “do it all”. The first step to finding inner strength is asking for help. This is a courageous act that does not indicate weakness, but rather an understanding that you need someone to help shoulder the burden so that you can heal and regain that strength you have always possessed.

My training has its foundation in psychoanalysis, but utilizes a multi-faceted approach that can be adapted to your needs and preferences. Some of the approaches that can be used are Narrative Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Strength-Based Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Jungian Analysis, Didactic Therapy, Dream Analysis, and Play Therapy. If you are not comfortable with Art Therapy, I offer regular Talking Therapy as well.

My education is an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major in Art and Psychology, and a minor in Social Work from Redeemer University College, as well as a Master’s Equivalency degree (DTATI) specializing in Art Therapy from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. I am also a standing member of OACCPP, and CATA.

“In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity” ~ Albert Einstein.

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