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Located in Fordyce, Arkansas, south of Little Rock, Millcreek Behavioral Health has been providing life-saving psychiatric residential care for children and adolescents who are grappling with emotional concerns and developmental disabilities. In an atmosphere that is nurturing and conducive to healing, Millcreek offers programming that can improve the lives of young people so that the quality of their lives can become better in a myriad of ways.
With interventions that are designed to alleviate posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, substance abuse, the effects of self-harm, abuse, and neglect, and other mental health concerns, Millcreek Behavioral Health supplies a Psychiatric Disorders Program that can teach youth between the ages of 6 and 17 how to manage emotional pain in more positive ways.  When partaking in this invaluable program, young people benefit from residing on this center's campus and receiving ongoing support and encouragement from dedicated staff members who are committed to helping children and adolescents thrive. Individualized care that includes group, family, individual, and recreational therapy rounds out the services available in this program, and youth can further benefit from age and developmentally appropriate schooling, medication management services, and personalized case management while at this center. Upon completion of this program, youth will have higher self-esteem, stronger coping skills, fewer problematic behaviors, and a deeper understanding of the importance of healthy decision-making.
For young people who could benefit from longer-term treatment to develop and refine skills to become more independent while grappling with developmental disabilities, Millcreek is pleased to offer residential care for
youth between the ages of 6 and 17. While in this program, young people reside in group homes on campus and receive around-the-clock assistance, support, and services from expertly trained staff.
With an overarching goal to provide youth with positive behavior skills, daily living skills, and increased communication abilities, this residential program helps children and adolescents to experience a profound improvement in their quality of life. Via Millcreek’s multidisciplinary approach, youth can receive all-encompassing care that includes medication management services, education services, various therapies, and effective interventions that bring about favorable treatment outcomes.
Finally, Millcreek Behavioral Health is proud to offer an accredited education and school-based program so that young people are able to reach educational milestones and achieve to their potential. Unlike other school settings, the educational services available at this center feature various therapeutic supports that can enhance each youth's learning capability. Speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are incorporated into a child or adolescent's school day when necessary, and each young person enjoys a fun and supportive learning environment that can also encourage them to aim higher in their goal setting. Furthermore, this exemplary program allows young people to earn credit towards degrees and benefit from customized lesson plans created by licensed teachers.
When you choose Millcreek Behavioral Health as the place to assist a child or adolescent in becoming a happier, healthier person, the sky is the limit for what he or she can achieve.

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