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At Millcreek of Magee, an unparalleled commitment to clinical excellence is part of the exemplary care that is offered to young people between the ages of 6 and 21. This psychiatric residential treatment center, which is located in Magee, Mississippi, supplies life-changing and transformative care for youth who are struggling with emotional impairments and intellectual disabilities so that they can live healthier and more productive
Among the various services available, Millcreek of Magee provides residential care, intermediate treatment, group homes with therapeutic supports, and school-based day treatment services that are designed with the needs of young people in mind. Since first opening over 30 years ago, this center has been able to help countless youth develop into more productive beings with limitless potential to succeed. Our residential treatment program, which has 2 locations, is the only program in the state that is equipped to care for young people over the age of 18.
Additionally, this program affords young people with constant support as they learn important skills for daily living, managing problematic behaviors, and coping with psychological distress that can support a healthy lifestyle. Our staff, whose expertise is only surpassed by their devotion to helping young people thrive, works with each youth and provides individualized care so that only the most favorable treatment outcomes result. Positive reinforcement of good behavior is incorporated into the educational services and every therapeutic intervention received, and an effective and research-backed phase system keeps youth on track with their own progress for
the duration of their care.
Intermediate services at Millcreek of Magee are for youth between the ages of 6 and 21 and are meant to instill invaluable skills for coping with cognitive impairments and intellectual disabilities. Within this treatment option, staff support is ongoing and youth become better equipped to perform daily tasks and care for themselves more independently.
Similarly, the group home services and school-based day treatment services available aim to help young people function in healthier manners at home and while in a school setting. Both programs supply resources that promote personal growth and independence, while also offering a safe and healing atmosphere in which to practice newly learned skills.
Finally, Millcreek of Magee is proud to offer home-based services to community members who are living with intellectual disabilities and cognitive impairments so that they are able to acquire employment, access healthcare, receive supportive therapeutic services, and receive skills training to enhance their lives. These services are customized to each person's needs, and can drastically improve their quality of life.
By partaking in the life-changing care that is available at Millcreek of Magee, young people with intellectual disabilities can come to know better and more fulfilling lives.

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