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Based on feedback from my clients, I am described as straightforward, direct, yet compassionate.  I like to take the mystery out of therapy and really love it when clients come to some "aha" realizations about themselves or their loved ones.  I use sound therapeutic techniques that have helped a wide variety of people with personal, relational, or general life issues.  I am not the expert on you or your life.  You are.  I find that most people have at  least part of the answer to their issues inside them somewhere.  They just need some outside perspective and guidance to tease it out and implement.
Adult men often appreciate working with a male, once they realize that they are not being judged.  I have a strong background in business, working for large corporations for over 20 years in Information Technology.  I enjoy the outdoor activities that Minnesota offers.  I have had great success connecting with men and working through tough times. 
Adult women often want some insight into why men act the way they do.  I pride myself in being a good translator between men and women.  A fresh, objective, outside perspective, whether it be from a male or female can be very enlightening.  Many female clients have referred their female friends to me after an effective therapeutic experience.    
Working with couples is a highlight for me.  There is so much to work with in a couples session, and often the individuals are not as far apart as they first imagine.  If there is hope for the relationship, I help couples leverage that hope.  I have helped many couples work through infidelity.  In reality however, not all couples can get to a level of happiness that they both deserve while still in the relationship.  I can help individuals through that decision process.
A lot of therapists don't work with teenagers.  Although they can be challenging, I find working with teens very rewarding.  Parents will be a part of the solution when it comes to counseling teens.  Under the troubled, withdrawn,  or abrasive exterior, there is still a child that wants to be thought highly of in the eyes of their parent(s).
My main approach usually involves CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  With CBT, it is all about your thoughts. Our thoughts drive our emotions and we experience our life through our thoughts.  If we allow our behaviors to be driven by our emotions, we will act in one way.  If our behaviors are based more on rational thought, we will act in another.  Individuals can develop unhelpful habits of thinking.  I strive to discover those patterns and look for ways to break the habit and live a happier life.
I have special training treating sexual addiction, including addiction to pornography. I have been trained in Somatic Experiencing, a type of treatment for trauma.
I encourage you to give counseling a chance.   You can self-register and self-schedule at https://www.mnonlinecounseling.com/

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