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  • 801 LIGHTHOUSE AVE Ste212, Monterey, California, 93940
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  • Phone: 831-240-8728
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  • Session Fees: $70-$110/visit or insurance (Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, CCAH,Cigna, Calpers, Magellan)
  • www.counseling-monterey.com

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I have more than ten years of experience helping folks improve their lives.  I have a wide range of life and professional experiences that provide me with the versatility to assist individuals with making changes in their lives. Those change may be forced through a traumatic event or voluntary such as marriage. Either way I'll guide thorugh the adaptation process.
 Areas of Expertise
  1.  Career changing - I have worked for nonprofits for nearly ten years before opening my business. Going from being an intern to my own boss during the 2000s was a difficult process Jobseekers find me relatable because I help them uncover a new purpose for their lives when they feel a their worst.
  2.  Caregving - Before working with adults in an outpatient clinic setting, I worked with the elderly and disabled. Working with the disabled and the elderly gave me empathy, informed me of resources in the community and developed ability to regulate my emotions. These characteristics are transferrable to anyone willing to learn how to get along better with others.
  3.  Death and Dying - As an Ombudsman for Allaince on Aging - I assisted with end of life planning and helped folks cope with grief over the loss of loved ones. Grief comes in all intensities and is an natural reaction. I helped people cope better rather than stay stuck in anger.
  4. Illness and Disability -  Some of us got wounds on the inside and others on the outside. I have lived with chronic illness and I know about resiliency. While we are on this earth we are meant to live to our fullest potential. If you need help to redefine that after a tragedy, then let's get started.
  5. Relationships - The most important relationships we have is with ourselves and with our Creator. Since the relationship with the creator is highly personal, let's talk about you. A healthy partner is a content mate. When one spouse is angry, ill or unfaithful then the marriage suffers. Using lists, role plays, seeing couples together and apart I will assist you  save your marriage. Bickering solves nothing. Seeing me may reveal things unknown to you and your partner.
  6. Self-esteem -- The journey of self-discovery will be worthwhile whether a relationship ends in divorce or not.. Partners may come and go, but a person has to live with himself for herself forever.   Written exercises and letters to yourself will achieve this.  Counseling will help you develop self-love and decipher what a healthy loving relationship is supposed to like.Knowing these things will prime you for wonderful future experiences.


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