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Can we really have it all? Find success in a fulfilling career, maintain a loving partnership, and make sure to never miss a soccer game, a piano recital, or PTA meeting? Why is it that some parts of our lives might feel so amazing while we just can’t get other parts right? How can we appear so put together when privately we fall apart?

Many of the women I work with struggle with issues just like these. Many talk about how hard it is to find a safe and understanding place to process their true pain and emotions. Whether it’s problems in your relationship, challenges with infertility, or just an overall feeling like something is still missing even though you have a wonderful family and career, I want to assure you we can work through whatever you are facing.

I feel very honored to hold people’s pain while we work together to understand what’s causing it, what we can do to alleviate it, and how to heal your most important relationships. I named my therapy practice Seen and Heard Counseling with intention.  To me, this means that in the time we spend together, you will feel genuinely seen and heard.  I want you to know that what you say matters to me--I am interested in all that you have to say, how you say it, and all that you feel. (Even when what you feel is conflicting or confusing!)

I believe collaboration, support, curiosity, and understanding are integral to developing a positive therapeutic relationship. Not only will I be your biggest cheerleader, I will also challenge you in the ways you are seeking. I will celebrate your successes along the way, believe in you when doubt feels too heavy, and together we will get through it.

I am a proud Canadian and lived the majority of my life in Canada.  I completed a PhD in psychology from the University of British Columbia focusing on how important childhood attachment relationships (with parents and peers) impact us across our lifespan.  That is, how messages we learned in childhood about our own worth and whether we can trust others, show up in our significant adult relationships.  My knowledge and thinking about attachment informs a lot of my clinical work as a marriage and family therapist.  I received training to become a marriage and family therapist at St. Mary's University of Minnesota. I also hold a Certificate in Maternal Mental Health from Postpartum Support International.  

While searching for the right therapist can be overwhelming, the process of therapy doesn’t have to be. Many clients enjoy having my Newfypoo co-therapist (a hypo-allergenic, non-shedding therapy dog), join our sessions. While he’s a great resource and calming tool, his feelings won’t be hurt if you’d prefer he didn’t join our sessions. 

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