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Monte is therapist that knows (not just from 2 decades of professional experience as a counselor, but from years of personal experience as a husband, father, and step father) just how painful divorce is for adults and children, and what is required for a conflicted couple to get healthy and stay healthy. Monte King can help you understand and reverse the downward spiral of a troubled relationship.  

After receiving degrees in English and Theology, Monte completed his Master’s Degree in Counseling at Colorado Christian University in 1994, and later received his Licensed Professional Counseling certification in the state of Colorado. Monte King is among a small percentage of counselors in the U.S. to have had the rare privilege of studying directly under both Dr. Larry Crabb AND Dr. Dan Allender—icon therapists and best-selling authors in the field of counseling, particularly where the problem involves a strained relationship or a wounded heart.   After serving as Instructor of Counseling at CCU from 1997-1999, he relocated to Tennessee where he practices counseling and spiritual direction. 

Here’s what those on the inside of the counseling field know: Not all caring counselors are skilled; and not all skilled counselors are caring. An experienced, highly skilled AND caring therapist is a treasure to find when help is needed.

People don’t come to counseling just to talk about their feelings. They want to solve problems—whether it is to break the impasses and repeated cycles of marital conflict or reassemble a broken heart and shattered dreams.

But counselors don’t help people solve problems by imposing one-size-fits-all solutions. That is where a good counselor’s careful listening and wisdom leads to great insight and ultimately to positive change and desirable outcomes.  And after all, isn’t that the whole point of counseling—to help you make lasting positive changes. 

 Here are a few testimonials from clients who have worked with Monte:  

 “  We thank God for the kindness, gifts, skills and abilities He placed in Monte and the heart of compassion and counsel He’s called him to.  If you need help in your marriage or relationships, pick up the phone and call Monte King.  We promise you won’t be sorry.”  Mike and Tina K. 

There are Counselors and then there are those like Monte who have been gifted to walk with people in a way that reminds them they are more than the sum of their past and present circumstances.”  Carter R. 

God used him to minister to us in a powerful way in the middle of some pretty rough stuff. If you are reading this, then I would say take a risk, don’t believe in coincidence and call him.”  Bo and Kelly B.  

As a speaker, Monte incorporates his love for music by including playing guitar and singing songs that accent important topics like learning to become truer lovers, more compassionate friends, and wiser souls.  

A lover of sports, music, poetry, philosophy, ancient wisdom and humor, Monte brings every resource from his passions, experience, and training to bear for the sake of the growth and healing of his clients. 

Monte knows that some individuals and many dual income couples find it difficult to get off work for day-time appointments. That’s why he offers a limited number of evening appointments for clients for whom much-needed help and counseling would simply not be available otherwise.

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