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Muncie Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) provides premier opioid addiction treatment for adults age 18 and older in Muncie, Indiana. Our outpatient addiction treatment center offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which combines the use of prescription medications with counseling services.
Our treatment center staff consists of physicians, counselors, and other behavioral health professionals. Clients work with our treatment center staff throughout the process of evaluation and treatment. Each client receives an individualized treatment plan based on medical history, mental health history, substance use history, and other factors. A client’s treatment plan serves as a road map for undergoing detox and remaining free of opioids.
Muncie CTC relies on medication-assisted treatment to best support clients as they transition off opioids and into recovery. MAT is a leading method of treating opioid addiction. This evidence-based approach is highly effective in providing the physical and psychological support needed to successfully stop opioid use. Muncie CTC offers a full range of MAT medications, including methadone, buprenorphine, Suboxone, and naltrexone, which allows us to better serve our clients. If one medication is not producing the desired results, physicians can alter the medication used as needed.
Flexibility with medication is a crucial part of providing clients with adequate support as they enter recovery. Regular opioid use results in severe physical dependence. One of the biggest barriers to overcoming an opioid addiction is getting past the unbearable withdrawal symptoms. Attempting to detox from opioids without medical assistance is often impossible after prolonged use. Opioid use often has deadly outcomes, but unassisted opioid detox can also result in death.
Opioid addiction puts individuals in a position from which it’s nearly impossible to escape without medical intervention. MAT creates a bridge out of this vicious cycle. Clients undergoing MAT get physical relief from withdrawal symptoms as well as relief from overwhelming opioid cravings. When the physical and psychological barriers to healing recede, clients have the freedom to focus on building a social and behavioral foundation to support lasting recovery.
As part of MAT, Muncie CTC also offers individual and group counseling sessions. Counseling can be an essential part of addiction treatment. During sessions, clients gain insight into the mental and emotional factors that have led to opioid addiction and learn skills and strategies for dealing with triggers and cravings that might lead to relapse.
Muncie CTC provides compassionate support and encouragement for individuals who wish to achieve lasting recovery from opioid addiction. We make it possible for clients to overcome opioid addiction and build lives rooted in good health and well-being.

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