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I have over 25 years of experience as a psychologist (Ph.D.) and over 30 years as a marriage/couples counselor. I have also been leading psychotherapy groups for 22 years in private practice. I also have many years of training beyond my formal education.
When working with me you will feel safe and cared about. I provide a  comfortable and warm place for you to look at what is troubling you while I guide you through a process of self-understandng. and change. I am down to earth and warm. The benefit of  my many years of experience is I am able to see patterns of behavior which may be interfering with your goals in life. I have been trained in many approaches and this helps me choose what would be right for you.
Social Contact/social isolation
  If you come to see me because you are lonely and isolated I will help you understand  your patterns and help you  take small steps to bring rewarding relationships into your life. Working together  with my support you will take small steps towards reaching out to others through everyday contact and activities. You will learn how to make contact with others through eye contact and  simple conversation, then proceed to participating in social activities, then to  more in-depth expression of your self and finally to making solid rewarding relationships. I have worked with clients on this process many times. I am a warm and gentle person and I will be right with you all the way.
Couples-Increasing the meaning and fun of a relationship in your life.
I believe couples can change the way they relate to each other by learning some simple principles and techniques.
Talking to your partner becomes easier and talking about difficult subjects becomes easier. We sometimes make the mistake of assuming our partner does not understand us when in fact we have gotten stuck in some patterns of talking.  When working with couples I  emphasize  positive interaction between partners and helping couples find their way back to each other through increased communication, having fun together, and learning how to understand each other when conflict arises.


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