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  • Marriage and Family Therapist
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Have you stood by feeling helpless as you watch your child struggle with worry or sadness? Has your child begun acting out at home or at school, disrupting family relationships and sometimes making communication difficult, if not impossible? Are you uncertain what to do or concerned about what you can do, how to help, and maybe even questioning whether it’s too late to find the kind of support you feel you might need? 

Children, just like adults, can struggle with intense emotions. The difference is that children typically don’t know what to do with those emotions, so they will often react to stressful or disappointing situations in unexpected or disruptive ways. You might be wondering if counseling might help. You may also be wondering if counseling even works with children, or if it can help your child better manage whatever challenges he or she is facing. The simple answer is, “Yes.” 

When a counselor establishes a connection with a child that he or she can understand and respond to, counseling becomes a safe place where children can express themselves freely. As a child gets a better understanding of themselves, they also get a better understanding of what they’re doing. 

As a counselor focused on children, my intention is to help your child, as well as help you. The playfulness I bring to my work, which is the foundation for the connection I mentioned, is what makes my approach unique. I've found this approach fosters the kind of counseling relationship that will help get your child get headed back in the right direction.

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