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Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, Natasha has lived in Miami for the past ten years. Her passion for both art and science influenced her decision to enter the field of psychology and art therapy. In 2016, she received her MA at world-renowned Graduate Mental Health and Art Therapy Program at Lesley University, Cambridge.
Natasha’s beliefs are grounded in an integrated approach to healing which merges neuro-scientific evidence-based practice, CBT, mindfulness, art therapy, existential, eclectic and humanistic approach to treatment.
Creative and healing energies are the same; they have the power to transform. For many clients, it is easier to relate to the therapist through the art object, which provides a focus for discussion and analysis. The therapist and client then work together in trying to understand client's personal process and the product of the session.

Art Therapy can be a compelling process, which may enable long buried feelings to come to the surface and be acknowledged. It is the capacity of art to be a bridge between the inner world and outer reality.

In the past few years, Natasha has worked with adolescents, families, and children through few non for profit organizations, as well as individual clients:

Arts for Learning -Youth Arts in the Parks Program ( a socially-oriented arts program for children and youth with and without disabilities mainly ADHD and Asperger's). The objective the program was to help children overcome adversity, build social skills, improve fine motor skills, increase mental agility as well as problem-solving skills in an inclusive out-of-school creative social setting.

Youth M.O.V.E. (YM) & Federation of Families (FOF)
An organization which supports families of youth with special needs requiring behavioral health services. She worked on promoting change in the delivery of substance abuse & mental health services through the use of expressive therapies combined with mental health counseling.

Many addiction centers with a focus on holistic healing: HRC, Unity Behavioral Center, The Core Center, Live Free Wellness Institute, Florida Coast Recovery.

Eating Disorders Clinical: The Renfrew, Oliver-Pyatt Centers

Natasha works well as a member of a team she has collaborated with artists, social workers & mental health professionals. She enjoys meeting challenges of assisting adolescents, children
and adults in crisis. She has a thorough familiarity with local community resources.

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