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  • Marriage, Family Therapist
  • 780 Main St. Suite #201, Pleasanton, California, 94588
  • Phone: (925) 963-9786
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  • Session Fees: $175
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
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I specialize in working with people who want to get more intimacy out of their relationships. Quite often this is done by working with couples. More times than not, it is actually better to work with one or both of the individuals in the relationship. We come to relationships as individuals with our wounds, beliefs, and expectations. To heal intimacy wounds takes working deeply, being willing to examine and share your very soul. This can only be done in an atmosphere of extreme safety, respect, and sensitivity…characteristics that are usually the first to go in troubled relationships. So I work both as a healer of wounds, and doing a kind of shuttle diplomacy between individuals to de-escalate conflicts, and then to support and nourish goodwill, love, and communication.


Why should you consider working with me?


  • I’ve been healing bodies, hearts, and minds since 1979
  • I’ve been married to the same person since 1976
  • I’ve raised two loving children with my wife
  • I fluently speak both masculine and feminine
  • I understand and am conversant in feelings, thoughts, intuitions, and spirituality
  • I keep up with the latest research and advancements in the field
  • With my background in engineering I am grounded in the real world
  • I have specialized training in resolving trauma, a hidden killer of intimacy
  • I am extremely passionate about my work
  • I tune into your individual needs not some formulaic approach to the work
  • I am really skilled at creating an atmosphere of safety and comfort

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Pleasanton CA