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  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • 8550 United Plaza Blvd., Suite 702, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70809
  • Phone: 225-663-6425
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  • Session Fees: $160 per 50 minute session. Private pay. Insurance receipt provide upon request. SLIDING SCALE when applicable and appropriate.

Why did I choose Helping to Build a Better You as my underlying purpose?

 Because I wanted to intentionally call forth as many interpretations as there are clients.Dr. Nick Abraham, LPC-S

Dr. Nick Abraham

  • Building a Better You is NOT about finding the “right” or the “socially acceptable” way.
  • Building a Better You is about dancing to your own drumbeat without offending the neighbors.
  • Building a Better You is about rediscovering lost or broken, misplaced or misjudged aspects of your personality.
  • Building a Better You is about  learning and relearning ways to regulate your moods and flow with life instead of always fighting.
  • Building a Better You is about becoming skilled in the art and science of navigating through the storms of life, motivated by persistence in the face of mistake-making, and experiencing the rainbow at the end of each storm.
  • Building a Better You is about weighing individual wants and needs in the face of the needs of others, including friends, family, neighborhood and the world at large.
  • Building a Better You is about developing self-discipline, an attitude of service to those in need and a willingness to row against the tide of public opinion for the sake of one’s conscience.Giving Interview, Sept 2012
  • Building a Better You is about integrating one’s inner world and the 3 great energies (child, adolescent and adult) and facing the demands of the outer world with confidence, serenity, integrity and a deep abiding faith in the resilience of the human spirit.
  • Building a Better You is about discernment, adaptation, decision-making, moving forward and bringing continued healing to past wounds, traumatic memories and blocked emotions in order to create new and more authentic patterns of living.
  • photo(1)I am  here,not as an expert who have arrived but as brother on the journey, guide and wounded helper, committed to self-improvement as well as caring for those we serve. I am here to listen to the needs of all those I am  privileged to serve,  especially those that are unspoken.                                                                                                                                             I am here to HELStanding with hand on faceP BUILD A BETTER pic


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