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Beating opioid addiction isn’t easy, but it is possible. That’s exactly what North Wilkesboro Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC), located in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, is here to help you accomplish. As a leading provider of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in North Carolina, we can help adults age 18 and older break free from addiction and achieve recovery.
The process of MAT at North Wilkesboro CTC is twofold. The first part involves the use of the best prescription medications available, including methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone. The second part consists of evidence-based therapies that can help people learn the skills needed for a life in recovery. Medication-assisted treatment has come a long way in recent years. Whereas methadone was the only option for treatment not that long ago, there are now several medications available to treat people who have an opioid addiction. For many people, methadone is still the medication of choice. As a full opioid agonist, it can relieve most of the physical symptoms of opioid addiction and help people stabilize and return to their daily lives.
Buprenorphine is another leading option for opioid addiction treatment. This newer medication works as a partial opioid agonist, meaning that it still relieves the physical effects of opioid withdrawal and addiction. This medication can also help with cravings and stop the effects of post-acute withdrawal syndrome, allowing people to resume going to work and not experiencing any interruptions in their lives.
Lastly, naltrexone works as an opioid blocker. This medication can help people manage cravings and block the effects of opioid use. In this way, naltrexone acts as a kind of relapse insurance — keeping you committed to recovery by blocking the possibility of returning to active addiction.
To treat the mental and emotional symptoms of opioid addiction, we offer both individual and group counseling services. These sessions can help you uncover the root cause of your struggles with addiction, teach healthy coping mechanisms to last a lifetime, and provide social proof that long-term recovery is possible. Group therapy also gives our patients a space to give back to others, which can be tremendously beneficial.
When you’re ready to start receiving individualized care at North Carolina’s leading outpatient addiction treatment center, contact the team at North Wilkesboro CTC. From the moment you call to the day you are discharged and beyond, our team will be there to support you in recovery and help you every step of the way.

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