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Anxiety and fear can be gripping. You do not have control of your thoughts. Your physical body is affected. You get stuck in thought trains you know are not real, but you still cannot get out.
Nobody should have to be in this position, and we believe nobody has to. There is relief. Your ability to live the life you want, without the intrusions and interference of anxiety, fear, or panic is our priority. We love getting to help those who thought there was no help available.
It is OCAC's goal to continue to offer the best anxiety treatment available on the West Coast. 
Anxiety, panic, and fear are often invisible to others. The stress to continue on as though everything is normal often becomes an additional contributor. The invisibility of the disorder and the conscious mind's need to keep it invisible isolate many, and this becomes another additional contributor to the strength a disorder may have.
Regardless of how shallow or deep your specific disorder may run, OCAC has an incredible track record for treatment success. 
There are a few reasons for this.
First, our care is highly personalized. Treatment might not even be limited to once a week or even to just an office. OCAC is known for doing whatever it takes for a patient to have success. Off site visits and outside phone calls are not abnormal. The number one goal is for someone to no longer need our services. That is when we know we have done our job.
Second, we are actively involved in new research to ensure the use of the best available practices. We maintain close relationships with universities and professionals at the front edge of academic psychology and research. We also collaborate with  the best practicing doctors in Southern California. This allows us to employ the best suited treatment from a large repertoire that is continually growing and up to date.
Third, we are focused. There are many counselors who try to do too much. It is like asking a general handyman to repair an important plumbing issue. When the leaks persist, you wish you would have called a plumber. Sadly, we meet people like this everyday, many who have continued to call back that same handyman and go on thinking there is no hope it will ever be fixed.
That is why we say we are not into give people treatment. We are into giving people the "right treatment."
OCAC treats anxiety and panic and related disorders. We do it well, and there is no dream to ever broaden the kinds of services we offer. OCAC never generalizes treatment or takes patients just to take patients. It is our goal to see people's lives improved, which is why we actually refer out many patients whose needs do not match our strengths.
We believe in helping folks get back to their lives. 

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