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Orem Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) is located in Orem, Utah and is a leading provider of outpatient addiction treatment for people age 18 and older who have addictions to prescription painkillers, fentanyl, heroin, or other opioids. Our programming includes medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to alleviate withdrawal symptoms while addressing psychological concerns through counseling.
MAT is a well-researched treatment method that is recommended by several respected health organizations, including the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The program utilizes prescription medication to help patients stay safe and comfortable as they focus on making the lifestyle changes needed to support long-term recovery. Patients at our addiction treatment center may receive methadone, buprenorphine, or Suboxone. When taken as directed, these medications are safe and effective, even for long-term use.
The team at Orem CTC takes pride in providing personalized care for our patients. From the initial assessment to the end of treatment, we are committed to identifying and meeting each person’s unique needs. We believe that this level of individualized care improves the recovery experience and increases our patients’ chances of maintaining their recovery.
As part of MAT, we also offer individual and group therapies. Individual counseling is an ideal opportunity for patients to discuss challenges and concerns that may have contributed to opioid use and process past traumas. Our mental health professionals provide focused, nonjudgmental feedback and help patients learn important life skills, such as problem-solving techniques and stress management.
Group therapy sessions help patients build a sense of community with peers who are also receiving MAT. Participation in group counseling helps patients practice new interpersonal skills and gain valuable insights into their own recovery experiences. Opioid addiction can be a source of guilt, low self-esteem, shame, and frustration. Individual and group counseling provides tools and techniques to replace negative thought patterns and behaviors with healthier patterns that support wellness goals.
Orem CTC is a place where every patient can expect to be treated with respect and offered the support they need to live a life free of opioid addiction. Concerns about safety and what treatment will be like can prevent people from seeking treatment. We are sensitive to these obstacles at Orem CTC, and we take steps to help our patients feel comfortable and welcome when they enter our treatment facility. Each patient is given a health evaluation that includes questions about treatment history so that we can develop an individualized treatment plan that meets all their needs.

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