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Located in Fort Myers, Florida, with additional outpatient treatment services also available in Naples, Florida, Park Royal Behavioral Health Services is a free-standing provider of exemplary mental health and substance abuse treatment. Designed to bring about lasting healing and true recovery, this center supplies transformative levels of care that can drastically improve people’s lives.
When a person comes to Park Royal in need of treatment to achieve a better life, a thorough assessment is completed so that it can be determined if this center is where the most effective care can be received. If appropriate for the treatment we provide, a person can embark on a life-changing healing journey in one of many programs available. Park Royal offers inpatient treatment for both adults and senior adults. This structured and intensive program is short-term in nature and supplies the stabilizing care needed to heal from mental and behavioral health concerns before embarking on other, less structured levels of treatment. Furthermore, this center offers a world class dual diagnosis program that is meant to help men and women both heal from mental illnesses and recover from addictions to substances. All too often mental disorders and substance abuse problems impact people’s lives concurrently, which is why this center’s dual diagnosis treatment is so invaluable and life-saving for all who require
this sort of programming.
Additionally, Park Royal Behavioral Health Services is proud to provide partial hospitalization programming (PHP) and intensive outpatient programming (IOP) so that men and women can continue working towards achieving better lives. PHP at Park Royal is a step below inpatient care, whereas IOP is less structured than PHP. Each of these treatment options are beneficial in helping people reintegrate themselves back into their daily lives while providing them with the services, support, and encouragement they need at this crossroads in their lives. As stated, this center also offers these levels of care in Naples, Florida so that residents near that area able to access these excellent services as well.
Park Royal Behavioral Health Services also provides electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT, for those who have not experienced alleviation of their mental health concerns via coping skills and psychotropic medications. This innovative treatment option has been in existence for many years, and is part of the full spectrum of services available at this top notch center.
By selecting Park Royal as the place to work towards becoming healthier in mind and body, men and women alike can expect to experience a personalized treatment experience that is designed to garner the most favorable and positive treatment outcomes possible.

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