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As the leading provider of outpatient addiction treatment in Parkersburg, West Virginia, Parkersburg Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) can help you break free from opioid addiction and achieve lasting recovery. Using targeted therapies and medications together as part of our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program, adults age 18 and older can find fast relief from the symptoms of addiction.
You don’t have to recover alone — the team at Parkersburg CTC is here to help. MAT provides an individualized, evidence-based approach to helping people achieve sobriety. It uses therapies and targeted medications in tandem, helping clients find both physical and psychological relief from the symptoms of opioid addiction.
With both group and individual therapy options, anyone receiving treatment at Parkersburg CTC can gain significant insight into the nature of addiction. They can learn valuable coping skills and tools to sustain their recovery. In addition, the support of a group of peers in group therapy can be transformative, giving clients a place to share their experiences with others who truly understand, talk about the strategies that help them stay sober, and celebrate each other’s successes.
MAT is about more than therapy alone. While therapy can help with a variety of mental symptoms, many people still struggle with the physical side effects of opioid addiction. These could include symptoms such as physical withdrawal, fatigue, and pain. Specific medications have been developed to treat these symptoms, including methadone, buprenorphine, Suboxone, and naltrexone. Parkersburg CTC offers all these medications as part of our MAT program. Decades of scientific research has shown these drugs to be remarkably effective in helping clients overcome the physical symptoms of addiction and get back to a productive life quickly after stopping opioid use.
The medical team at Parkersburg CTC will work closely with you to determine which treatment works best and be there to support you at every stage of the recovery process. If you or a loved one has been struggling with the symptoms of opioid addiction, it may be time to seek professional help. When you choose Parkersburg CTC for addiction treatment, you’re choosing the leading provider of quality outpatient addiction services in West Virginia.
Our compassionate and specially trained team can work to alleviate addiction symptoms, teach you the skills for recovery, and be there to support your recovery every step of the way. Don’t delay seeking treatment any longer — call Parkersburg CTC today.

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