Patrick Neeser, LCSW; CADC

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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Alcohol/ Drug Counselor
  • 3213 N Tamarack Dr. Boise ID. 83703, Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Idaho, 83703
  • Phone: 208 631 5861
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  • Session Fees: $80 per hour individual. $100 per hour couples

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I am able to treat substance abuse and addiction, along with the family issues that commonly accompany these maladies. I am able to assist individuals with dual diagnoses, anxiety, grief, depression, PTSD, phobias, and developmental issues (including childhood abuse and adults raised in alcoholic or dysfunctional families).

I am a licensed clinical social worker and certified addictions counselor. Please note my areas of practice listed under "specializations". In addition to the many issues I treat, I am also an alcohol/drug interventionist and support the idea that sobriety is possible with treatment and desire to change. I treat alcoholics and addicts during early sobriety with respect and the belief they can change. I believe strongly that long term sobriety is based on personal awareness and friendly support. I integrate twelve step philosophy as part of a larger perspective related to what it takes to remain sober.

I can help deal with family issues related to substance misuse. In addition, I am a communications specialist in both marital and pre marital situations. I believe that many relationship difficulties can be solved by having a professional assist in identifying issues and then guiding conversations between the couple. However, I would not call myself a “marital therapist”, rather a couples communication specialist would be more accurate. I am able to work with couples of alternate lifestyles.

I have treated both combat and trauma related PTSD. I am able to help with anxiety and depression by identifying the central theme and guiding individuals through supportive therapy, as well as cognitive behavioral tasks. I have an excellent referral source if medication is felt to be necessary, but it is not my first choice.

Anxiety, perfectionism and depression all respond well to my conversational approach to counseling. I am able to see the world from the perspective of my clients in a very short time and am usually able to help them take restorative steps to deal with whatever are the issues. We will develop a complete social history to include childhood, adolescence. relationships, trauma and important events that may have shaped the current difficulties. It is through the telling of your "story" that I am able to develop the compassion and empathy necessary to have a productive therapeutic relationship. I offer comfort and insight into how these events have shaped your life and am able to help you negotiate new behaviors.
I have been a practicing therapist for 30+ years and am able to bring my extensive experience into the therapeutic process. Please call or email me and I will get back to you quickly.

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